Before and after photos show destruction of volcano island

Amazing before and after photos have emerged of the volcanic New Zealand island days after it erupted.

The photos were shared by the New Zealand Defence Force as part of its recovery operation on White Island, east of Bay of Plenty on New Zealand’s North Island, on Friday.

It comes after White Island’s volcano erupted on Monday about 2.10pm (local time).

The photos show the barren, charred island – burnt and abandoned. A far cry from the colourful, steaming tourist hotspot filmed before the eruption.

New Zealand Defence Force and police went to White Island on Friday and retrieved six bodies. Source: New Zealand Defence Force

Personnel are seen in yellow jumpsuits walking across the island as part of a recovery mission.

In total, six bodies, yet to be identified, were retrieved from the operation. Two are yet to be recovered.

The body of Krystal Browitt, from Melbourne, is expected to still be on the island, according to a New Zealand Police list.

Australia's Foreign Minister Marise Payne's earlier comment that she expects all six bodies will be identified as Australians were dismissed by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Two patients from the White Island eruption arrived at The Alfred overnight, the hospital confirmed on Friday, while Krystal's father Paul Browitt arrived Thursday morning.

Before and after photos of White Island where the volcano erupted. Source: New Zealand Defence Force

"We ask that you please respect the privacy of our patients during this difficult time and allow our staff to provide the essential care that is required," The Alfred said.

Patients' conditions will not be made public at this time, the hospital added.

The hospital said people have been offering to donate their own skin to help the victims, who have burns to up to 80 per cent of their bodies, but is not taking live skin donations and referred potential donors to Donate Life.

Tourists were on the island at the time of Monday's eruption. Source: AAP

Ms Browitt had just celebrated her 21st birthday and was on a cruise on the liner Ovation of the Seas with her parents and sister.

Her mother Marie, who decided to stay aboard the cruise ship while her family visited the volcano site, now maintains a bedside vigil for the couple's other daughter Stephanie.

It was believed six of the people dead on the island were Australians but this has been disputed. Source: New Zealand Defence Force

"This is a nightmare and they've been living it," a family friend told AAP.

"She (Marie) is not coping. Who copes with this? No one. You just try to get through it. Four people went on a plane and three came back.

"Questions like, 'What do you need?' are met with, 'I need my family alive'. How do you respond to that?"

GoFundMe page has been set up for Cragieburn's Browitt family, raising more than $35,000 in 24 hours.

"They're a working-class family. They're going to need money when they get back. Funerals cost money, flights cost money, I don't know, life costs money," said the friend, who didn't want to be named.

A survivor of the eruption is removed on a stretcher from a RAAF C-130 Hercules at Sydney Airport on Thursday. Source: AAP

"She doesn't care about any of this right now, her focus is on her family and being with them.”

Neighbour Supreetha Konda said the Browitts treated her like family.

They would trade food, attend Indian prayers and festivals at her home and exchange gifts.

"This family was so excited to have a good holiday break this time but I can't imagine Mother Nature can be so cruel to them," she posted on Facebook.

The latest official update indicates 14 Australian citizens and residents are likely to have died in the eruption.

The retrieval operation was held back due to difficult conditions on the island. Source: New Zealand Defence Force

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