Amazing photo after Aussie woman bitten on the face by shark: 'Unbelievable'

A Christmas photo shared by Bridgette O’Shannessy's partner shows her remarkable recovery less than two months removed from the attack.

A woman who was bitten on the face by a shark while diving at a popular Aussie swim spot is finally on the mend after two months and multiple exhaustive surgeries.

Bridgette O’Shannessy, 32, was attacked at Port Noarlunga in South Australia back in November while she was free diving with her partner Brian Gordon Roberts.

Young Aussie mauled in horrific attack

Roberts was able to push the shark, which at the time he said was a 'White Pointer', also known as a Great White, away from her in a move that saved likely her life, though O’Shannessy was left with severe facial injuries, lost several teeth and suffered nerve damage as a result.

Bridgette O’Shannessy posing for a photo with her partner and their pet dogs.
Bridgette O’Shannessy suffered serious facial injuries after she was attacked by a shark while diving with her partner at a busy beach south of Adelaide. Source: Instagram

Now, months on from the incident, the environmental consultant is finally on the road to recovery, with Roberts posting to social media wishing loved ones a merry Christmas. "Merry Xmas everyone, love from Bridgette, Huey, Bruno and I," he wrote on Instagram, 7News reported.

A photo of the couple shows O’Shannessy and Roberts smiling as they gather around a Christmas tree with their dogs.

Months on, Bridgette O’Shannessy on the mend

Authorities told media back in November that O’Shannessy — originally from the Victorian town of Yackandandah — was lucky to escape with her life. She was one of five people who was attacked by a shark in South Australia in 2023, out of 12 in Australia overall.

The environmental consultant was lucky to survive, authorities said. Source: 7News.
The environmental consultant was lucky to survive, authorities said. Source: 7News.

Authorities conducted an extensive search of the water in a bid to find the animal at the time, but it was not located. Following months of operations and rehabilitation, O’Shannessy's is finally on the mend and is expected to make a full recovery.

Speaking to 7News this week, expert and fellow shark attack survivor Rodney Fox described the November incident as "unbelievable".

"That you can sort of dive and snorkel down right into the mouth of a shark ... It's really quite unusual. I'm so pleased to see that she is recovering so well," he said.

The attack came just days after after 55-year-old surfer Tod Gendle was killed at a beach near Streaky Bay. Also in SA, a grandmother was seriously injured after being bitten at Beachport.

Pamela Cooke, 64, was mauled at the popular beach spot and suffered serious injuries to both her legs while she was swimming with a group near the jetty.

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