Amazing moment teen catches toddler falling from window

A teenager leapt into action in a heroic move to save the life of a toddler he saw was about to fall from the window of a second-floor apartment.

Dramatic CCTV footage showed the moment a two-year-old Syrian girl was caught as she fell from an apartment window in Turkey.

Doha Muhammed, was caught by 17-year-old Algerian immigrant Feuzi Zabaat who was working in a frame workshop nearby on June 20.

Photo of the Turkish balcony and Feuzi Zabaat with his arms out to catch the toddler.
Amazing moment teen catches toddler falling from window

Feuzi positioned himself underneath the second floor apartment window and caught the girl before she hit the ground, saving her from any injuries.

Her rescuer says he did what he had to do to save the girl, "I did what was necessary for the love of Allah."

According to local media, the toddler approached the open window of the apartment while her mother was cooking in the kitchen.

Muhammed's family has hailed Zabaat as a hero and rewarded him 200 Turkish Liras ($50).

Photo of Feuzi Zabaat with the toddler Doha Muhammed who he saved after she fell from a balcony in Turkey.
Feuzi Zabaat with the toddler Doha Muhammed. Source: Reuters

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