Alison Hammond gives dog a make over on For The Love Of Dogs

The dog show's new host said the change in the furry pooch was like a This Morning make over.

Alison Hammond won over the viewers of For The Love Of Dogs
Alison Hammond helped give a dog a much needed haircut. (ITV)

Alison Hammond compared giving a dog a hair cut on For The Love Of Dogs to doing a This Morning make over.

The TV presenter has stepped up to become the new face of the ITV animal rescue show following the death of comedian Paul O'Grady, who died unexpectedly in March 2023 at the age of 67. And in the latest episode she helped groom and wash Dougal the Bichon Frise, whose hair was so long and matted he could barely see as his eyes were covered.

Hammond got stuck in and helped cut Dougal's hair and give him a bath - and admitted he looked like a completely different dog when she was finished.

Alison Hammond helped give Dougal the Bichon Freeze a haircut and a bath. (ITV)
Alison Hammond helped give Dougal the Bichon Frise a haircut and a bath. (ITV)

When Hammond was first introduced to Dougal she compared him to a mop. The long-haired Bichon Frise was brought into Battersea Dogs Home with his long hair so dirty and matted it was covering his eyes. His owner had become too ill to care for him. The hair was so badly matted the groomers admitted they would never be able to comb it out without hurting Dougal and so Hammond watched on as it was cut off in tufts from around his eyes.

Hammond stroked and reassured Dougal before offering to take a turn at shaving him. She said: "Don't worry Dougal, I have experience with the clippers - from doing my son's hair." She also cut off a massive clump of matted hair saying "that was right by his bum that was."

With his long hair shaved off Dougal looked unrecognisable. Hammond laughed: "This is like a This Morning make over!"

As the second episode of the new series began the monument at Battersea Dogs Home in memory of ambassador Paul O'Grady was shown again. Hammond said: "I'm getting into my grove here at Battersea. Finding my feet. Really loving it."

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Alison Hammond is the new host of For The Love Of Dogs. (ITV)
Alison Hammond is the new host of For The Love Of Dogs. (ITV)

Viewers were in tears over the story of Lurcher Pluto, who was brought in to the rescue centre with a broken leg. Hammond saw him before and after surgery, but attempts to reset the bone were unsuccessful and he had to have another operation to amputate his front leg.

The vets were emotional that Pluto's leg could not be saved, and as he recovered from surgery admitted: "It's quite shocking to see such a big dog with only three legs."

But Pluto was taken home by Battersea Dogs Home volunteer Lou who revealed: "Pluto does not seem to realise he has only got three legs. I don't think anyone's told him. He's pretty fast on the lead. He runs up and down the stairs. Anybody who thinks 'Poor little dog with only three legs had better think again.'"

Viewers admitted to feeling emotional over Pluto's story, but also delighted that he had found a home.

One wrote on social media platform X: "Soooo happy after the surgery pluto found his forever home , Great heartwarming episode tonight #ForTheLoveOfDogs"

Another posted: "Oh my! I'm so happy for Pluto. From sad tears to happy tears. Be happy sweetheart. XX #fortheloveofdogs #battersea"

One exclaimed: "#ForTheLoveOfDogs Oh Pluto Dogs (& cats) are incredible at adapting, I hope he does Gorgeous boy."

And another shared: "So pleased Pluto got a lovely new home, bless his heart #Fortheloveofdogs #FLOD"

For The Love Of Dogs with Alison Hammond airs at 8pm, Tuesdays, on ITV, and streams on ITVX.