Alfie and Owen win Race Across the World

Alfie said his competitive ego is now "completely satisfied" after winning Race Across the World with his friend.

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Alfie and Owen have won Race Across The World 2024. (BBC)

Alfie and Owen have won Race Across the World after admitting they were preparing themselves to lose, just days before the finish.

The two friends from Hertfordshire defeated mother and daughter duo Eugenie and Isabel to scoop the £20,000 prize money in a nail-biting finish with just minutes between them. Brother and sister Betty and James came third, arriving a day later, followed by retired couple Stephen and Viv.

After winning the race Alfie declared: "My competitive ego is completely satisfied."

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Isabel and Eugenie finished second in Race Across The World. (BBC)

In a tense final Alfie and Owen and Eugenie and Isabel raced in speed boats on the morning of Day 50 and Alfie and Owen were first off the boat to proceed on foot to the finish line. They were then given direction of how to proceed to the finish line on foot, using their own sense of direction, and were the first across the finish line.

Alfie admitted: "We've been on an absolute rollercoaster of a journey. There's been so many times when we could have thrown in the towel and we've just never ever taken no for an answer." Owen added: "I turned 21 on the race so I've literally have grown up on the journey here. There's been so many times when we could have fallen but we realised our friendship is bigger than any race decision."

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Owen told Alfie: "It's the longest time we've spent away from home and together I thought spending six weeks ago with was going to be horrendous. It's been alright." Alfie said: "My competitive ego is completely satisfied. I'm so proud of us and what we've done."

As Eugenie and Isabel hugged Owen and Alfie in congratulations, Eugenie said: "If we were to lose to anybody we always said we wanted to lose to Alfie and Owen. I'm just proud we made it." Isabel said of the journey: "It's been really nice connecting with mum. It's enabled us to really work on our relationship."

Race Across The World  Owen & Alfie
Race Across The World's Alfie said he was preparing himself to feel proud if he lost. (BBC)

With two days to go Alfie admitted he had started to come around to accepting they might not win. He told friend Owen: "I think today we might be two days away from completing something that looks so insurmountable. Today I just came crashing down to how hard the past seven weeks have been and today I just came to a light bulb moment of I will take pride in just finishing. The desire to win is [not] less but with every passing hour I'm coming round to the idea of pride in just finishing."

The 20-year-old added of his late mother: "If my mum was to say one thing about me doing the race it would be just enjoy it. Don't get caught up in all the little things, just remember that there isn't long so live it while you can."

Race Across the World is streaming on BBC iPlayer