Aldi worker shot dead in front of horrified shoppers

The worker was killed by her ex-partner months after their break-up.

An Aldi worker has been shot dead in the supermarket by her ex-partner in front of horrified shoppers.

The victim, identified only as Aysel I, had chillingly previously predicted her demise at the hands of her partner. According to reports, she'd told family she'd "go to work and won’t come home". "He will come and kill me."

The 38-year-old was stacking shelves in the budget store when she was approached by her ex, identified as Plamen P, when the pair began arguing. A few minutes later, he pulled a semi-automatic gun and allegedly fired several shots at her.

At least one of the bullets hit her in the head, killing her instantly in front of dozens of shocked shoppers, their young children, and employees.

Aysel hadn't worked at the Aldi store long when she was shot dead by her ex-partner. Source: Jam Press/ Google Maps
Aysel hadn't worked at the Aldi store long when she was shot dead by her ex-partner. Source: Jam Press/ Google Maps

The gunman then turned his weapon on himself, and he died at the supermarket on January 15.

Police officers quickly arrived in Mörfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt, Germany, and cordoned off the store. Those who witnessed the bloodbath were offered counselling.

Aysel, 38, was a Bulgarian of Turkish descent but had lived in Germany for 13 years. Plamen was also from Bulgaria.

The police believe he shot her because he was bitter that their relationship had ended. He had no criminal record.

Ex-partner allegedly harassed victim for months

Plamen, 48, was in a relationship with the victim for just five months. Aysel separated from him about six months ago while the two were on holiday in their homeland.

After their breakup, he allegedly began stalking her.

Her family and friends say she’d gone to the police on several occasions to report him, while hiring a lawyer and is even reported to have taken out a restraining order on him.

Plamen was reportedly due to attend a court hearing in February about an alleged assault on the victim.

He is believed to have turned up to her flat uninvited and choked her.

“He destroyed her. He didn’t leave her alone," her brother, Altanay, told local media.

“She told me, ‘One day, I’ll go to work and won’t come home. He will come and kill me.’”

Aysel had only been working at Aldi for a year.

Prosecutors will investigate how Plamen obtained the gun as he did not have a firearms license.

The supermarket in question was closed for cleaning on Tuesday and candles were placed at the entrance.

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