Aldi shopper claims to find 'shotgun pellets' embedded in chunk of beef

Aldi Australia told Yahoo it is in 'direct contact with the customer and are investigating' the alleged incident.

An Aldi shopper claims she has been forced to undergo an abdominal scan after biting into an alleged shotgun pellet while tasting a meal she prepared for her family.

The woman said she was cooking a large piece of corned beef silverside bought at the supermarket’s store in Gungahlin, ACT, for her two-year-old daughter earlier this week when she decided to check if it was ok.

“I was in a hurry so I only added one garlic and salt. While I was tasting a piece that had just been taken out of the pot, I felt something hard and noticed that it was a metal ball,” she posted on a Facebook group dedicated to fans of the discount grocery chain.

Left, the chunk of silverside beef purchased from Aldi. Right, the alleged shotgun pellets the woman claims she found in the beef purchased from a store in ACT.
An Aldi shopper claims she found alleged shotgun pellets in a hunk of silverside beef she was cooking for her family. Source: Facebook

The mum explained she “checked the pot thoroughly” but could not find the source of the objects. After removing a second piece of meat, the woman said she found another metal ball, which she later claimed were shotgun pellets.

“I have an abdominal RX for tomorrow to check if I ate some before noticing,” she said in an update on Wednesday. “There are more inside the meat.”

Aldi Australia responds to shotgun pellet claim

A spokesperson for Aldi Australia has confirmed to Yahoo News the company is in “direct contact with the customer and are investigating the possibility that this product has not met our strict quality and safety standard”.

“We have not received any further complaints of a similar nature, however, customers can return any product they are not satisfied with for a full refund or replacement,” they added.

Left, the corned silverside beef from Aldi in the packaging. Right, a customer exits an Aldi store.
Aldi Australia told Yahoo it is investigating the shopper's claim. Source: Facebook/Getty

Aldi shoppers divided

Aldi shoppers were divided over the woman’s silverside beef allegations, with some suggesting the items appear to be “whole peppercorns”.

“Take it to your local health inspector and have the object tested because if they are shotgun pellets this is a very serious issue. The processing plants have metal detectors so this realistically shouldn’t be possible,” one person suggested.

“This is not peppercorn! It’s completely round, the other one half is being covered by the meat. Definitely looks like something that shouldn’t be in there,” another argued.

One customer who claimed they had previously worked in abattoirs removing foreign objects in meat said the round black balls “definitely look like shotgun pellets”. Some people deemed the woman’s claim to be a “fake post”, arguing that “no livestock are slaughtered with shotguns”.

RSPCA Australia’s former Chief Science and Strategy Officer, Dr Bidda Jones, previously revealed cattle are often killed by what is called “captive bolt stunning, which is basically a percussive blow to the head that renders the animal unconscious”.

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