Chaos at Aldi over launch of in-demand new product

There was more chaos at Aldi on Wednesday morning after shoppers lined up for a highly sought after item advertised in its latest catalogue.

The discount supermarket released its “Style your room” products across the country and on Wednesday, shoppers were chasing a chair from the catalogue.

The chair was so hot that shoppers who arrived at stores shortly after they opened were likely to miss out.

The supermarket’s catalogue features a selection of home décor products including quilt covers, cushions, throw blankets, wall art, side tables, rugs and towel sets.

Shoppers queue at Aldi, Chatswood. Source: Supplied

But on Wednesday, shoppers were left frothing at the mouth over the grey $99 Fabric Accent Arm chair.

According to News Corp, some shoppers lined up at the Chatswood store in northern Sydney for more than an hour before the chair sold out within 20 seconds.

Spare a thought for Sydney man Kane whose wife sent him to pick one up.

“I need to rush to get it or I’m in big trouble,” he said ahead of the doors opening.

Kane (left) managed to purchase one of the chairs (right). Source: Supplied

Fortunately, he managed to nab a chair.

Two women, Sarah and Vera, took the morning off work eyeing four bedside tables but the store only had three.

“Our strategy was to make a mad dash for the items we want... but they didn’t have enough marble side tables. So we might have to get over to North Sydney,” Sarah told

The mad dash for furniture follows two families being filmed brawling over outdoor furniture at the store in Victoria earlier this month.

A shopper filmed the incident arrived at an Aldi in Plenty Valley, South Morang just before 8.30am on Saturday to do her normal shopping and found a massive queue.

The moment the doors opened, people ran straight to the outdoor section for the $349 corner wicker lounge setting and a fight quickly escalated from yelling to "pushing and shoving."

"There was a lot of swearing and they were saying: 'I was here first, it's mine'," the shopper who filmed the fight earlier told 7 News Online.