Aldi customer slams supermarket over Covid check-in mishap

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Aldi customers have questioned the German supermarket giant for failing to present a Service NSW QR code for customers upon entry to their stores.

One customer recently shared her concerns in a Facebook group, saying there was no contact tracing Service NSW QR codes available for customers to check-in, despite a recent spike in cases across the greater Sydney area.

The only QR code available to customers was one asking customers for feedback on the store.

“Just had a heated exchange with the manager at Aldi Broadway when I asked him to show me where the QR code is at the front of the store,” the customer wrote.

Outside Aldi store at night.
Customers have raised concerns after some Aldi stores aren't offering a Service NSW QR code to check-in.

“They have one to give feedback to Aldi, but not a NSW Health check-in.

“I was told they are still waiting on them (because somehow this pandemic is a new thing?).”

The concerned shopper also told Yahoo News Australia that the store had no trolley wipes or hand sanitiser at the entry of the store either.

"They must have thousands going through that store daily, and yet it takes next to no time to generate a QR code and print it off," she said.

Other customers said they were equally as surprised, with many responding by saying they’d noticed their local store was missing the NSW Government QR code too.

“Canterbury Aldi also doesn't have a QR code anywhere in sight,” another concerned shopper said.

“That’s interesting as I couldn’t find a QR code at Aldi in the Metro on Sunday,” added another.

“I’ve noticed that about Aldi stores. My local family cafe has one but a major supermarket doesn’t?” said a third.

During the recent Covid-19 outbreak across Sydney, an Aldi, Coles, and Woolworths store were all listed as Covid exposure sites.

Are supermarkets required to present a QR code to customers?

Under the current public health orders by NSW Health, record tracing via the Services NSW QR code is mandatory for some businesses, including food and drink premises, entertainment facilities, gyms, hair, and beauty businesses.

However, supermarkets such as Aldi, are currently not required to provide customers with a QR code to check-in.

The customer noticed the only QR code at the store was to provide feedback to Aldi. Source: Facebook

Despite this, an Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the retailer is currently in the process of rolling out the QR code across stores.

“There is currently no requirement for supermarkets in New South Wales to have Service NSW QR codes to check-in,” the Aldi spokesperson said.

“We are in the process of rolling them out in our NSW stores as an opportunity to help contact tracers,” the spokesperson said.

“The QR codes will be located at multiple points in our stores, including the entrance, at checkouts, and at the packing bays to remind customers of their responsibility to check-in."

Service NSW QR Codes essential for contact tracing

Back in November 2019, the NSW Government announced that as of 1 January, businesses across the state were required to have a Service NSW QR code or face a $5,000 fine.

The streamlined QR code was introduced to allow fast and accurate access to electronic records to assist NSW Health in quickly alerting people who may have been in contact with a person with COVID-19 while visiting a business.

“The Service NSW app is more accurate because you only have to put in your details once and every time you go into a venue you just click on the code and you’re automatically checked in,” said Berejiklian on Monday.

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