Albany 'lighthouse girl' inspires Giants

The Giants, pictured during a performance in Berlin, features the story of the Albany Breaksea Island lighthouse girl.

Albany's lighthouse girl Fay Howe is the inspiration behind a $5 million giant roaming puppetry show to be staged in Perth as part of next year's Perth International Arts Festival.

With $1 million secured from the Crown Resorts Foundation and $2 million from the State Government, French company Royal de Luxe will bring The Giants, a show featuring an 11m tall deep sea diver puppet and 6m tall little girl puppet, to walk the streets of Perth from February 13 to 15.

The Giants has also performed in Berlin and London and will this time portray an uncle and niece reunited 100 years after the Gallipoli landing.

Premier Colin Barnett said some people may not know the significant role that Fay Howe played for the troops moored off Albany's coast.

"She signalled to the departing fleet in morse code, becoming the last human contact the young soldiers would ever have with Australia," he said.

"Weeks later, postcards began arriving from the Middle East addressed to 'the little girl on Breaksea Island' from the men who had hung onto the final memory of home.

"Hopefully, now this story will forever be remembered."

Albany author Dianne Wolfer, who brought the story to life in her book The Lighthouse Girl, said the project was really exciting.

"I'm pleased that the story of the lighthouse girl inspired them; they will use her as inspiration to create another story," she said.

"Many young men had been away from their loved ones and Fay was emblematic of that; she reminded them of what they were fighting for."

Ms Wolfer met with the French group when they visited Albany with PIAF artistic director Jonathan Holloway and Great Southern program manager Rod Vervest who also visited Albany sites to "get a feeling of the place".