AJ Bunker vs Elle Brooke 2 LIVE! Boxing fight result, TV channel, latest updates, Misfits undercard results

AJ Bunker vs Elle Brooke 2 LIVE! Boxing fight result, TV channel, latest updates, Misfits undercard results

AJ Bunker vs Elle Brooke 2 LIVE!

Misfits boxing returns to Leeds tonight with a grudge match on the undercard. Ed Matthews' fight against a mystery opponent takes the main event, but the renewed rivalry with the Misfits women's middleweight title on the line is our focus.

The pair fought back in 2022, when Elle Brooke came in late as a replacement Astrid Wett and beat former Love Island contestant Bunker on points. Bunker has since picked up a belt and will be gunning for revenge and to make amends. Brooke, meanwhile, is fully of confidence and has her eyes on crossover fights should she record another win.

Brooke kept quiet during Friday's weigh-in, previously stating that she is done with talking before entering the ring while Bunker was very vocal, insisting her opponent's silence was a clear sign she was feeling the nerves. How will the rematch go down? Follow along below to find out!

AJ Bunker vs Elle Brooke latest updates

  • Elle Brooke def. AJ Bunker

  • Chase DeMoor def. Minikon

  • Ben Williams def. Fes Batista

  • Fox The G def. Small Spartan Jay

  • Tristan Hamm def. Not Logan Paul

22:24 , Alex Young

He was also the mystery opponent against B Dave last year!

22:24 , Alex Young

Luis Pineda is the mystery opponent!

22:23 , Alex Young

And now the Undertaker music?!

22:23 , Alex Young

Any opportunity to play Sweet Caroline over the PA system is welcome, to be fair.

22:22 , Alex Young

The mystery opponent is... loads of people? Swarmz comes out along with B Daze and Guilotine.

22:20 , Alex Young

Here comes Matthews. He looks in the zone.

22:19 , Alex Young

Is the mystery opponent presenter Harry Pinero? He says he wants to fight!

22:18 , Alex Young

The champ.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

22:16 , Alex Young

So, who is the mystery fighter? Well, it's not KSI according to the man himself.

22:14 , Alex Young

Ed Matthews says he doesn't care who his opponent is in his own style. He says he is a "minute man, not just in the ring", which is an interesting admission.

22:09 , Alex Young

It's the second main event next as Ed Matthews faces a mystery opponent!

22:07 , Alex Young

"I was definitely going to quit if I lost this," says Brooke.

22:05 , Alex Young

Brooke clearly the better fighter, despite all the talk from Bunker.

22:03 , Alex Young

That was pretty impressive from Brooke! They pair share a huge hug at the end - is that their feud over?

Elle Brooke def. AJ Bunker (KO, third round)

22:02 , Alex Young

Clearly not concerned by the length of the fight, both came out roaring to land blows. There was no love lost between the pair, and Brook was docked a point early for holding - which looked harsh. Plenty of grapping through both and they had to be separated as the bell signalled the end of the first round.

The second round started in similar fashion as neither fighter gave each other an each. It's quite untidy and the referee was getting exasperated with the repeated holding.

A perfect start to the third round for Brooke as she clocks Bunker on the ear and takes a stumble but stays on her feet. Brooke sense an opportunity as Bunker looked unsteady and landed a huge right hand to end the bout inside three rounds!

We have a new champion and Brooke beats Bunker again!

21:53 , Alex Young

Here we go!

21:51 , Alex Young

It will be five two-minute rounds for the Misfits women's middleweight title.

21:50 , Alex Young

Both fighters are in the ring - it's almost time.

21:35 , Alex Young

Up next? AJ Bunker vs Elle Brooke!


21:35 , Alex Young

It's a draw! Lots of boos in Leeds and both fighters look very disappointed and frustrated.

It's not hugely surprising. One commentator believes OJ had the edge.

Ashley Raksu vs OJ Rose... to the judges!

21:30 , Alex Young

First round was a close affair but Ashley edged it with Rose a bit erractic. The second round was more of the same, but Rose was able to get his opponent twice trapped in the corner to surely claim the round.

In the closest fight of the night to date, the third round gave away few clues as Ashley pushed the contest more into the centre of the ring but was able to make much of a mark on Rose. The fourth saw both try to land a decisive blow but tiredness prevailed so the fight went the distance.

We await the judges.

21:13 , Alex Young

This is a light-heavyweight fight. It's almost time.

21:12 , Alex Young

...and now bear-fighting Ashley Raksu.

21:10 , Alex Young

Here comes OJ Rose.

21:05 , Alex Young

Next up: Ashley Raksu vs OJ Rose.

Ashley claims he wrestled bears in the build-up, which explains his missing front tooth.

20:59 , Alex Young

Everyone's favourite 16-year-old darts player is in the house.

It is his 17th birthday tomorrow.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

20:56 , Alex Young

Just three more fights to go.

Tristan Hamm def. Not Logan Paul (KO, first round)

20:52 , Alex Young

Hamm and NLP trade big blos inside the opening 10 seconds, with the latter using his height advantage to rain down on the former.

But Hamm catches his opponent slacking and sends NLP slumping over the ropes. He nods to continue, puts his mouthguard back in - at the second attempt - and then swallows two more big hits from Hamm to send the fight in the first round.

That is some power from the Canadian Hamm!

20:49 , Alex Young

Tristan Hamm is in the ring and we're about to get underway.

20:45 , Alex Young

For the uninitiated, Tristan Hamm is an adventure athlete and motivational speaker.

According to the pre-fight predictions, this could be a close encounter. Here comes NLP.

20:41 , Alex Young

Too be fair, Not Long Paul does look quite a lot like Logan Paul.

20:39 , Alex Young

Next up is Tristan Hamm vs Not Logan Paul.

20:31 , Alex Young

Spartan looks to be OK as he stands in the middle for the confirmation of the result.

20:30 , Alex Young

Applause from the crowd as Spartan sits up and is given oxygen. KSI is ringside staring into his phone.

20:28 , Alex Young

Concern for Spartan as medics attend the unconscious fighter.

Fox The G def. Small Spartan Jay (KO, first round)

20:28 , Alex Young

Almost straight from the off, Fox The G buckles Spartan's legs with a hit and spots an opportunity. He ramps up with right and left and right and left to send his opponent to the mat.

Spartan is all over the place and Fox The G wastes no time ending the fight by knocking out the calisthenics champion as medics rush the ring.

20:23 , Alex Young

Fox The G comes out with his clapping entourage and sporting some cornrows.

Judging by their pre-fight interviews, these two are not a fan of each other.

20:21 , Alex Young

Here comes Small Spartan Jay, who is just that. He also has a 4-0 win record, so one to be feared.

20:14 , Alex Young

Williams tells Matthews: "You can run but you can't hide, let's get it on."

The Irishman is sporting some cut above his left eyebrow, but could not be more fazed.

20:12 , Alex Young

Ben Williams wants Ed Matthews next, the pair have previous.

Up next, is Twitter (X) personality Fox The G again calisthenics champion Small Spartan Jay.

Ben Williams def. Fes Batista (Unanimous decision)

20:11 , Alex Young

Williams comes storming out the blocks against his older opponent, looking to get the fight done almost immediately but Batista weathers the early storm to gain some composure by the end of the first round.

The pace is furious and Williams connects with jab after jab as Batista throws windmill after windmill. By the end of the second round, both men were on their feet, but Williams was able to land another left hook before the bell.

Batista had Williams on his heels soon after but the young Irishman as able to block most that came his way as the Yorkshireman's shoulders dropped, knowing his opponent was up in every round thus far. The fourth came, with Batista needing a knockout but Williams stalked the ring and run down the clock for a points win.

19:51 , Alex Young

Almost time after some lively ring walks.

19:44 , Alex Young

It's Ben Williams vs Fes Batista next.

Batista calls himself the "first influencer boxer" and credits Lady Gaga has his idol, while Williams is a TikTok star.

Batista said his opponent is "mentally weak" and claimed he "looks down on women".

"He will be like a little boy in the ring", Batista tells DAZN.

19:41 , Alex Young

DeMoor has called out Roman Fury, though added that he may not be ready for the fight just yet.

Roman, brother of Tyson and Tommy, is a cruiserweight fighter.

19:37 , Alex Young

Chase DeMoor collapses to the floor as the decision is confirmed. He has a win under his belt.

Chase DeMoor def. Minikon (Unanimous decision)

19:36 , Alex Young

DeMoor will be wanting to fight Minikon every week as he finally gets his first W at the sixth time of asking and with GOAT on his waist.

It's domination from the first bell as Minikon hits the canvas twice. A second round and DeMoor pulls out a trick from his American football days and goes for a rugby tackle to risk a disqualification, which Minikon wriggles away from.

DeMoor loses his composure in the third round but is clear on points so the fourth round is a procession and he clinches the win on points while storming around the ring pointing at people.

19:15 , Alex Young

Reality TV star Chase DeMoor is up next, taking on Minikon.

DeMoor, who describes himself as Misfits' 'real HW champ' has lost all five of his previous fights.

Can he finally put his money where his mouth is against celebrity videographer Minikon?


18:53 , Alex Young

Here's how the rest of the undercard looks. No word on who is sharing the main event with Matthews.

Ed Matthews vs Mystery Opponent

AJ Bunker vs Elle Brooke

Ashley Raksu vs OJ Rose

Tristan Hamm vs Not Logan Paul

Small Spartan Jay vs Fox The G

Ben Williams vs Fes Batista

Chase DeMoor vs Minikon

DTG def. Myles Stephenson (TKO, round 2)

18:52 , Alex Young

A quick start to the undercard as DTG doesn't waste any time dispatching Stephenson in tonight's second match.

The X Factor winner is clearly the bigger fighter, but DTG is clearly the better fighter after flooring his opponent in the first round with a smart right hand.

Stephenson never recovered and threw in the towel at the end of the second round.

Joey Knight def. Most Wanted (TKO, round 3)

18:48 , Alex Young

We've had our first fight of the night as Joey Knight makes easy work of Most Wanted, who most will want to fight after this display.

Knight is clearly the superior fighter from the off and, after taking one round to realise as such, he sends MW to the canvas during the second.

MW probably didn't deserve a third round and the referee soon waves an end to proceedings.

What Elle Brooke said

18:45 , Alex Young

"I've spent days and hours learning my craft, I've learned a lot about myself through boxing. I've put myself through hell and I've worked way too hard not to win this.

"I had fought three times in seven months, I just took time off and I needed that to develop my skills. There was nobody to fight and I was fighting so much heavier than I usually am, I don't think people realise just how small I am."

At the weigh-in, she said: "I've done my speaking. My back is hurting from all this promotion."

What AJ Bunker said

18:29 , Alex Young

"I'm feeling so ready and confident. It's completely different this time around."

"The last time me and Elle fought I had two weeks' notice, so I wasn't prepared at all. It's going to be a different story this time around."

At the weigh-in, she said: "That chin of yours is mine tomorrow night, I can't wait. Got nothing to say? You're rattled, literally rattled. I can't wait. You said yourself, if you can't get through me you're gone.

"So guys I hope you're ready to see her get out of this scene and be gone for good. You're quivering, you're shaking. It's alright hun."

How to watch AJ Bunker vs Elle Brooke 2

18:12 , Alex Young

TV channel: In the UK, Bunker vs Brooke 2 is being broadcast live via DAZN.

A subscription to DAZN in the UK starts at £9.99 per month, and can also be watched on TV via channel 429 on Sky.

Live stream: DAZN subscribers can also watch the event live online via the website or app.


18:00 , Alex Young

It's another big night of Misfits boxing this evening, including a rematch between AJ Bunker and Elle Brooke.

It is the penultimate fight tonight in Leeds, before Ed Matthews takes on a mystery opponent, with the Misfits women's middleweight title on the line.

We are expecting Bunker and Brooke is begin their ring walks around 9.30pm GMT, but we will be providing updates from the earlier fights during our build-up.