Ahsoka flippantly changes Star Wars history with Mandalorian revelation

The Disney+ series Ahsoka appears to have flippantly changed Star Wars history in a huge way.

The third episode of the new show aired on Tuesday (29 August), showing Rosario Dawson’s lead character Ahsoka Tano training Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) to become a Jedi, much to the chagrin of droid Huyang (voiced by David Tennant).

Ahsoka is convinced Sabine will succeed, despite her protestations.

“I can’t use the Force,” she tells Ahsoka, adding: “I don’t feel it. Not like you.” Unperturbed, Ahsoka tells her protégé: “The Force resides in all living things. Even you.”

Despite this, it’s only been thought that one Mandalorian has ever become a Jedi. ScreenRant notes that Tarre Vizsla is the only character to be identified in a previous Star Wars project – Star Wars Rebels – as one such character to have achieved such status.

That’s until now – in a follow-up scene from Ahsoka episode three, Huyang tells Ahsoka: “You realise historically there have been very few Mandalorians that ever became a Jedi.”

This quote proves the existence of several Mandalorians who have become Jedis, which is a huge revelation as Mandalorians have long considered Jedis to be their enemies.

Earlier this year, tie-in merchandise pegged to the series spoilt the return of a classic Star Wars character.

Ahsoka airs weekly Tuesdays on Disney+. Find The Independent’s review of the show here.