Adobe's Firefly AI is now commercially available on Photoshop, Illustrator and Express

The generative AI will be available on both free and paid Creative Cloud plans.


Just seven months, and reportedly 2 billion generated images, after first incorporating the beta AI into its suite of image and video editing tools, Adobe announced on Wednesday that its Firefly for Enterprise generative AI is now commercially available in Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Express workflows. And with the release comesa new free-to-use Firefly web application as well, available as part of the company’s Creative Cloud paid plans.

The new subscription plan revolves around “generative credits” (GCs), which Adobe defines as, “tokens that enable customers to turn a text-based prompt into image and vector creations in Photoshop, Illustrator, Express and the Firefly web application.” It’s a made up currency that facilitates the transmutation of your money into faster access to the Firefly AI. Once users hit their monthly allowance of GCs, they’ll be able to continue using Firefly, just at a slower rate.

The web application will be available through Creative Cloud, at the Express and Express Premium price points, as well as the free tier. Paid users will also gain access to the full paid version of Express Premium. Per a company release. Adobe Express is a new “AI first, all-in-one creativity app” designed specifically to generate commercially safe images and effects (and presumably the correct number of fingers). With it users can generate design elements, images and video, pdfs and animations in over a 100 languages, then export that content to social media and publishing platforms.For enterprise users, Firefly and Express Premium will be bundled together as an all-in-one editor.

Generative AI has not exactly been greeted with the warmest of welcomes, mostly on account of it ripping off an entire internet’s worth of art for its training. Then there was the whole subsequent “replacing actual artists with cheap AI knockoffs after stealing their work for training purposes” issue as well.

To help allay those well-founded fears, Firefly embeds Content Credentials by default in all generated works. These credentials act as a as a digital “nutrition label,” displaying the asset’s name, creation date, creation tool and a log of any edits made to it. They’re the latest measure to come out of Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative, an industry group seeking to establish baseline ethical and transparency norms for AI development before the Feds step in and impose real regulations.