Adobe introducing AI to Photoshop as ‘co-pilot’ to graphic design

Adobe is introducing an AI feature to Photoshop later this year (Szabo Viktor / Unsplash)
Adobe is introducing an AI feature to Photoshop later this year (Szabo Viktor / Unsplash)

Adobe says it will integrate artificial intelligence into Photoshop with a new product called Adobe Firefly.

The tech company was sure to downplay the AI tool as a “co-pilot” to graphic design rather than as a way to replace people, as reported by the Guardian.

Photoshop users will be able to use text prompts similar to those used to create AI images on Dall-e and Midjourney to add or remove items from the image.

According to Adobe, Firefly will “include context-aware image generation so you can easily experiment and perfect any concept”, and allows users to generate “customised vectors, brushes and textures from just a few words or even a sketch”.

Adobe is also exploring “the potential of text-based video editing with Firefly”, allowing users to describe the look they want, to “instantly change the colours and settings to match”.

Photoshop users will also be able to upload a mood board to “generate totally original, customisable content”.

Firefly is currently in Beta, with Adobe inviting creators to test out its features. It’s expected to be released fully later this year.

Adobe is trying to dampen concerns that AI could replace the need for human graphic designers, arguing: “Done right, it can amplify creativity and intelligence without replacing the beauty and power of the human imagination.”

The director of digital media and strategy for Adobe Asia-Pacific, Chandra Sinnathamby, told the Guardian: “The whole idea is: how do we help that creative accelerate, and that content creation at scale, with precision and speed?

“Most campaigns you have to collaborate with various different things. So how do we accelerate that collaboration process?”

Firefly is also only trained to use images that Adobe has the right to use, according to the Verge, so users shouldn’t have to worry about copyright issues when using the AI.

The new feature will also be transparent about using AI, as images will contain attribution data that informs viewers that the content was created or edited using AI.