Adelaide woman sues McDonald’s over hot coffee

An Adelaide woman has taken a McDonald’s franchise to court after she was burnt with scalding hot coffee.

News Limited reports Jessica Wishart says the coffee inflicted multiple second-degree burns to her inner thigh, groin and buttock.

The 22-year-old bought the lidded coffee at the Renmark store in April 2009.

Her statement of claim said: "While sitting in the front passenger seat (of a car) she experienced a burning sensation to the fingers of her right hand, which was holding the cup.

"Due to the intense heat emanating from the cup and the failure of (McDonald's) to properly secure the plastic lid, hot coffee spilled on to her thighs."

The largest of the blisters measured 8cm by 3cm by 3cm which she says has left her with permanent scarring and trouble walking.

In 1994, Stella Liebeck was awarded $2.86 million after hot coffee scalded her at a McDonald’s restaurant in the United States.

The 79-year-old received two years of treatment after the coffee left her with third degree burns on six percent of her body.

The lawsuit was considered frivolous by many and the 'The Stella Awards' were formed, which bestows a yearly honour on the laughable legal claims.