Kayaking teen knocked flying in shark attack off SA

A teenage girl has told how she was knocked from her kayak by a four-and-a-half metre great white shark in Adelaide.

Sarah Williams, 15, was paddling on a kayak about 200 metres from the shore near Normanville on Sunday afternoon while her father, brother and sister were just metres away in a small tinny.

Her siblings were watching on when out of no where a white pointer attacked the kayak from underneath, sending it and Sarah into the air.

When she surfaced the shark attacked once more and latched itself onto the back of the kayak.

"Her legs were probably only 15 centimetres from his teeth," her father said.

"She was screaming out for us to come and that in itself was terrifying to hear someone scream like that.

"We turned the boat on as quick as we could and we got to her and then I basically jumped over the side trying to get her out of the water - just doing what a dad and big brother would do."

As the Williams made their way back to shore, allowing Sarah's mother and a German tourist in another kayak to reach safety.

Sarah's kayak was attached by a shark. Source: 7 News

Sarah was rushed to hospital in Victor Habor.

She sustained just a few scratched and bruises.

"When I was in the air, it flew me up in the air, it felt like I was watching the typical Jaws movie," she said.

Sarah says she is OK after the ordeal. Source: 7 News

"It didn't seem real until I saw the fin as I was in the boat.

"I was like 'that really happened?'."

The Williams family headed home on Sunday night, still in shock after witnessing the horrific event unfold.