Police raid Adelaide private school after girl videod snorting white powder on campus

Gertie Taylor

An Adelaide private school has confirmed an investigation is underway after a Year 12 student was filmed snorting white powder off a mobile phone, apparently on school grounds.

It’s believed to be the second drug incident at Cedar College this term after a letter was sent home to parents last week regarding a bag of ecstasy tablets found at the school.

In the latest drug drama, the female student is filmed wearing her Cedar College school uniform as she snorts the powder through a rolled up note.

The Year 12 student filmed snorting a white powder. Source: 7News

The vision is then captioned "that was clean as f**k".

The Northgate school said it received a copy of the video on Wednesday and immediately contacted police.

Officers attended the school on Thursday and escorted at least two students to the front office after a raid on lockers.

Police at Cedar College. Source: 7News

The college has confirmed the girl is a Year 12 student and believes the snorting incident happened on school grounds.

“It is extremely saddening that the senseless and dangerous actions of a few students will bring the entire school into disrepute,” school principal Peter Thomson said in a letter to parents.

The student is clearly seen in her school uniform. Source: 7News

Outside the school parents described the video as “absolutely disgusting”.

Mr Thomson says no action will be taken against students until the police investigation is complete.

Cedar College. Source: 7News