Adelaide man acquitted after 97 days in filthy Filipino jail

Deanna Williams

An Adelaide man who was wrongly accused of selling drugs in the Philippines says he is grateful to be back in Australia after 97 days in a filthy cell.

Damian Berg described his ordeal as “horrific” after he and a Canadian friend were arrested on suspicion of selling drugs in June this year.

“They actually lied in court under oath,” Mr Berg said.

“We paid $500 just so I could have a bed for the duration, otherwise you’d be sleeping on the floor.”

Damian Berg in the Philippines. Source: 7News
Mr Berg is now back home in Adelaide. Source: 7News

The 35-year-old civil engineer had faced life in jail if found guilty, under the tough new laws implemented by new Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte.

Mr Berg was later acquitted after it was discovered police lied during the investigation after the 35-year-old was arrested in an “undercover sting”.

Mr Berg and his partner at home. Source: 7News

“They didn’t want to actually let me out of the remand centre until they knew it was safe,” the father-to-be said.

“… They feared I’d be gunned down outside the court.”

Mr Berg now plans to move to Sydney for work with his first child due next month.

The money confiscated in the investigation. Source: 7News