Adelaide hostel infested with cockroaches

Madeleine Dunne

An Adelaide hostel has become so badly infested with cockroaches everyone has been evicted.

Health inspectors say Hackney Lodge is the worst they've ever seen and have deemed it unliveable.

Located on Adelaide's city fringe, the hotel is so run down its 35 tenants have been given the boot.

Owner Rudi Bodonyi said the business has been closed down. Source: 7 News

"I'm sorry to say but we've got a cockroach infestation and following that the health authorities have practically closed down the place," Owner Rudi Bodonyi said.

Residents claim one tenant deliberately bred the roaches in her bedroom fridge and they quickly spread.

The hostel has a cockroach infestation. Source: 7 News

"Not very pleasant, very costly," Mr Bodonyi said.

"It affects a lot of people."

Tenants pay around $200 a week for a small bedroom and access to a filthy shared kitchen and bathroom.

Health inspectors describe the living conditions as the worst they've seen.

Cockroaches can be seen almost everywhere. Source: 7 News

Residents were given two weeks notice to pack up and get out.

Tenants have been given temporary housing trust accommodation while they scramble to find a home.

"Probably some people will sleep in a car or camp in a park or something like that," Peter, a tenant, said.

Cockroaches forced the closure of the business. Source: 7 News
Tenants and residents have been forced to move on. Source: 7 News

The 91-year-old Mr Bodonyi has run the heritage-listed building for 27 years.

He says he'll have to sell the lodge to pay the maintenance bill.

"The whole building has to be cleared. This is a huge effort, huge expense," he said.