Adelaide cabbie not guilty of running down drunken passenger, but still faces deportation

Jayne Stinson

An Adelaide cab driver's been cleared of intentionally running down a passenger who disputed a fare.

A jury found drunk and aggressive Michael Maglica ran in front of the cab two years ago and brought his injuries on himself.

Michael Maglica had a blood alcohol level of .16 after a 16 hour drinking session. Photo: Supplied.

Maglica had been drinking for 16 hours and picked a fight with cab driver Ravinder Larta over the $36 fare after being dropped off at his Lower North East Road home just after 4am.

With a blood alcohol level of 0.16, he lunged at the cabbie, viciously swore and made racist taunts. Maglica's sister and girlfriend emerged from the home, seeing him kick the cab.

The driver did a U-turn down the road and ploughed into Maglica.

On Friday a jury found Larta not guilty of causing harm, finding the inebriated 28-year-old ran in front of the cab.

Because of the charge, Larta lost his job and faces deportation.

Ravinder Larta. Photo: 7 News

The father-of-one earlier pleaded guilty to failing to stop at an accident - copping a fine and one-year driving ban.

But the judge said he understood the driver was frightened after the aggressive behaviour of the passenger and the fact he chased the cab even after he was struck.