Adelaide bottle shop fights back against shoplifters with social media campaign

Amy Taeuber

A bottle shop in Adelaide’s northern suburbs is fighting back against shoplifters, using social media to shame those caught stealing on camera.

But lawyers have warned the practice could be more trouble than it is worth.

After being struck three times in three weeks, managers at the Old Spot Hotel decided to take matters into their own hands.

Fighting back: this board was one way in which the Old Spot Hotel fought back against shoplifters. Photo: 7 News

"We decided to put a few photos on Facebook yesterday and virtually within a couple of hours we were getting results," publican Robert Entwhistle said.

Unbeknown to the brazen thieves, there are 36 cameras around the hotel.

"It's really hard to get away with anything these days as these lads have found out,” Mr Entwhistle said.

Mr Entwhistle feels the social media campaign has been a success. Photo: 7 News

Although 7 News masked the identity of the alleged culprits for legal reasons, their faces were shown online and the publican was inundated with responses.

"One of the fathers come to see me this morning. He's a good bloke fronting up for his son, his young son,” he said.

“He paid for what was taken. That's the end of the issue as far as we're concerned.”

Videos of shoplifters were posted online, leading to a large response from locals. Photo: 7 News

While Mr Entwhistle encouraged other businesses to use social media to shame shoplifters, laywers warn it is a policy fraught with danger.

"There are definitely risks in putting these images up. I would be very careful if I was doing it and only do it in certain circumstances," social media lawyer Paul Gordon said.

He said the biggest concern would be defamation.

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