Adam Driver's divisive new movie confirms 2024 release date

adam driver nathalie emmanuel megalopolis
Adam Driver's new movie confirms 2024 releaseAmerican Zoetrope / Megalopolis

Megalopolis, the divisive new film starring Adam Driver, has confirmed its release date for 2024.

The film, a passion project for director Francis Ford Coppola, follows an idealistic architect (Driver) who aims to rebuild a crumbling city as a sustainable utopia, but who faces opposition from a regressive mayor (Giancarlo Esposito).

Following the film's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May, pundits have wondered if the film would secure major distribution, and they now have their answer as Lionsgate has secured the rights (via The Hollywood Reporter).

adam driver nathalie emmanuel megalopolis
American Zoetrope / Megalopolis

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This means the film has now landed a release date of September 27, which has been set for both US and UK audiences.

Megalopolis received polarising reviews upon its premiere, which has been reflected in its 52% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes from its first 65 reviews.

You can read a selection of reviews below:


"Megalopolis is the product of man who has tried to put everything he knows or thinks into one climactic work. And whether or not it all fits, it's exhilarating to watch him try."

Total Film

"It is hard to share [Francis Ford Coppola's] reverence for his narrative when the dialogue is mannered to the point of distraction, and each performance seems to come from a different movie."

Little White Lies

"A work of art that actively practices what it preaches, a celebration of unfettered creativity and farsightedness that offers a volcanic fusion of hand-crafted neo-classicism while running through a script of toe-tapping word-jazz."

adam driver, megalopolis
American Zoetrope

TIME Magazine

"What does it all mean? It's clear that Coppola is feeling some anguish over the way certain honorable American ideals—essentially human ideals—have become distorted and warped, maybe even discarded altogether."

Screen International

"Megalopolis is stymied by arbitrary plotting and numbing excess. One can feel Coppola's anger and sorrow over the decline of his beloved America, but narrative coherence is far less apparent."

Megalopolis will be released in UK and US cinemas on September 27.

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