Actor brings to life the graphic horror of whaling

Australian actor David Field has appeared in a graphic anti-whaling campaign advert for conservation group Sea Shepherd.

The advert is entitled The Ultimate Death Scene and it begins with Field standing on a black empty stage.

Field re-enacts the graphic experience a whale endures before they are caught by whalers and the pain they endure before death.

The shocking advert enacted by David Field shows his reinactment of a whale getting caught. Photo: YouTube

The Two Hands actor begins jogging on the spot looking behind him simulating a whale being chased by a ship.

The short but very graphic clip shows Field panicking and then screaming as he collapses to the floor holding his back as if he has been hit by a harpoon.

The graphic ad is entitled 'The Ultimate Death Experience'. Photo: YouTube

Fake blood is seen from the 'wound' and then from his mouth as he is then dragged back while clawing the floor with his fingernails.

Field can then be seen simulating choking on his own blood as a whale would shortly before death.

The ad shows the horror of the whaling industry. Photo: YouTube

After the short scene ends footage from actual whalers are shown to the viewer.

Field appears again, covered in fake blood, and says 'That's why I support Sea Shepherd'.

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