'Everyone's heartbroken': Accused's brother apologises to hit-run victim's family

Deanna Williams

The family of three youths charged over the death of Mawson Lakes mother Lucy Paveley have apologised to her family.

The say they are sorry and heartbroken.

Chaos and confusion erupted outside court in Adelaide on Tuesday when the youths, aged 13, 14 and 15, were released and then rearrested.

Outside, the 13-year-old’s brother apologised.

The boy's brother expressed his family's remorse for the victim. Photo: 7 News

“I’m just sorry about what happened, I’m guessing he’s very sorry too,” he said.

“Everyone’s very heartbroken.

“We all feel very sorry for the family, very sincere and we all apologise.”

The trio is now facing a raft of charges relating to the events leading up to the death of the 40-year-old aged care nurse.

She died when a stolen vehicle slammed into her car at Parafield in Adelaide’s north on Sunday.

Police initially threw the book at the youths, charging them with manslaughter.

Lucy Caveley was on her way to work when her car was hit by a stolen vehicle. Photo: Supplied

But that was downgraded because prosecutors were not convinced the charges would stick.

It is understood the three boys were not in the car that hit Ms Paveley.

“We will have a look at how we handled this and what happened and see if we can make improvements,” Assistant Police Commissioner Bronwyn Killmier said.

Five youths were initially hit with manslaughter charges after the fatal crash. Photo: 7 News

Unlike Tuesday’s unprecedented scene, there were no police inside or outside of court on Wednesday.

The youths did not apply for bail.

Lyle Morrison, 18, and a 15-year-old are also in custody.