Abuse royal commission to examine redress

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual abuse is yet to reach a view on a national redress scheme for survivors.

In it's interim report released on Monday, the commission said it had heard calls in public hearings, submissions and in the media for a national redress scheme.

"We have not yet reached a view on a national scheme," the commission said.

"It is likely that we will be able to identify shortcomings in the institutional redress schemes we have considered in detail.

"We might also recommend some principles of best practice."

Four Australian states have offered redress schemes for former residents of child institutions in Qld, WA, Tas and SA.

The schemes have different coverage, eligibility rules, validation procedures and payment options.

Incomplete data from the Catholic Church's National Committee for Professional Standards shows Church authorities have paid more than $43 million to claimants since 1997.

The commission is considering whether it is appropriate in principal to recommend a national scheme, if its possible to devise a scheme that's fair to both claimants and institutions and how that scheme might fit with existing redress schemes.

"The Royal Commission understands the importance of this issue to victims and institutions and will consult widely as our thinking develops," the report said.

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