'Absolute grubs': Mum finds plastic bag full of puppies dumped in vacant lot

Two puppies have died while another two have miraculously survived after they were dumped on a vacant lot in a plastic bag.

The bag was located in Rosewood Grove in Dubbo, in NSW’s Central West, by a mother and daughter who comforted the surviving pups before help arrived.

A woman who has since taken in the puppies described the dumper as “pure scum” in a post to a local community Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately two had already died (starvation, freezing or asphyxiation) before they were found,” she wrote.

Puppies pictured after being located on a vacant lot inside a plastic bag in Dubbo.
Puppies shown after being rescued from a vacant lot in Dubbo. Source: Facebook

“I hope you know what pure scum you are and the absolute pain your mumma dog must be in right now. Mentally and physically.”

The woman, understood to be an animal foster carer, named the puppies Sarah and Stella and the mother who found them said the carer had them “warm, clean and fed” within 30 minutes of finding them.

“Not knowing what to do, but aware she was a foster carer, I called her and she arrived within five minutes and even assessed the two dead pups for life,” the mother wrote.

Tiny puppies shown dirtied with mucus after being dumped by "scum" on vacant lot in Dubbo.
The puppies, Sarah and Stella, were "doing well" after being saved. Source: Facebook

“They were covered in faeces and other gross stuff, we put them in my socks (gross I know but it’s all we had) ... and she within half an hour had them warm, clean and fed.”

In an update to her post, the foster carer urged the dumper to come forward if they were willing to give up the mother dog, saying she would take her as well “no questions asked”.

“She needs to be with her babies,” she said,

The woman added after their first night in comfort and safety, the female puppies were “doing very well”.

One horrified local said the act was disgusting while one labelled those responsible for the dumping “absolute grubs”.

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