ABC live cross moment stuns reporter: 'Bloody furious'

Reporter Nabil Al-Nashar was preparing for a TV cross when a member of the public interjected with their thoughts.

A fleeting exchange between an onlooker and ABC journalist as he reported on an alleged hit-and-run has exposed what he says is "just a small sample of the casual racism" many experience daily in Australia.

The national broadcaster's Nabil Al-Nashar was in the middle of trying to record a TV cross in Sydney's southwest when he paused to let a passerby walk through the frame. Al-Nashar was speaking to the camera when he stopped and said "I'll let you go through" to the man, who was making his way down a suburban street.

The man then turns around and looks into the camera and says "because of increased immigration – thanks very much" before he continues on. The exchange was merely seconds-long, with visibly stunned Al-Nashar briefly at a loss for words, before a producer can be heard saying "that was on camera".

"Great. Immigrants are always the problem. Even when it’s a hit-and-run," he retorted. "You've heard it here first".

ABC News reporter Nabil Al-Nashar being told it's
ABC News reporter Nabil Al-Nashar being told it's "because of increased immigration". Source: X

Al-Nashar later took to social media to elaborate. Just a small sample of the casual #racism I sometimes cop as an Arab Australian journalist," he said on X.

"Notice how polite I was to him before he declared immigrants are the root of all problems. I was covering a hit and run by the way…but I guess the culprit is always 'immigrants'".

Fellow media personalities weigh in on 'racism' comment

The post attracted over 6,000 interactions, with many other Australian media personalities reaching out to share their disgust. "That makes my blood boil Nabil, so sorry," the ABC's Bridget Brennan said.

"Bloody furious for you, Nabil. All strength to you, buddy," Nine's Andrew Probyn said. "Professionally handled. They take the low road —you take the high road. Keep going as you do a great job!" Peter Ryan with the ABC said.

ABC News reporter Nabil Al-Nashar while recording a TV segment.
Nabil Al-Nashar said, "I was covering a hit and run but I guess the culprit is always immigrants". Source: X

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