TV host deactivates social media accounts after 'vile' abuse from troll

ABC TV host Lisa Millar has deactivated her Twitter account after suffering “vile” abuse from trolls.

Millar, the daughter of former National Party MP Clarrie Millar, has been targeted online by trolls claiming she is 'biased' in her political reporting, while others have gone as far as to attack her intelligence and her appearance.

Her co-host Michael Rowlands confirmed via Twitter Millar “was on the receiving end of some truly vile and distressing personal attacks”.

“We all cop criticism here,” he tweeted.

ABC TV host Lisa Millar is pictured.
ABC TV host Lisa Millar has deactivated her Twitter account due to an onslaught of abuse. Source: AAP (file pic)

“No one is perfect. But the stuff Lisa was subjected to was next level. Those responsible should be ashamed.”

ABC journalist Annabel Crabb also denounced those abusing her colleague.

“No one should be treated like this,” Crabb tweeted.

“Every single person using this platform needs to be responsible for their own behaviour.

“And when you see the broader demographic pattern of who gets the worst abuse on social media ask yourself if you're part of the problem.”

Crabb claims she’s seen Twitter users troll Millar about her late-father. Clarrie Millar was a member of the Country Party, now known as the National Party, and was elected as the member for Wide Bay until February 1990.

Many of the attacks from viewers have accused Millar of a bias against the Labor Party and “spouting LNP propaganda”.

Others cruelly commented on her make-up and suggested ABC find her another job.

A report issued by SafeWork Australia in 2018 claims women are three times more likely to suffer bullying in the workplace than men are.

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