This fearless 4-year-old cannot stop laughing as her pilot father introduces her to some more advanced aerobatic flying techniques, such as spinning around in midair.

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Toddler laughs hysterically during plane ride


Lea has been going for plane rides with her dad, pilot Raphael Langumier, since she was a baby and so she is pretty unfazed by these crazy maneuvers.

Her father, president of Quebec’s Aviation RL, posted a video of Lea’s adorable reaction on Vimeo, and her giggles are contagious. In fact we dare you not to laugh while watching her reaction to the plane doing summersaults.

According to the YouTube description, this was Lea’s first aerobatic ride with her dad and she was the one who asked him to flip the plane.

We don’t think an outburst of giggles would be our reaction to a plane flipping around in the sky.

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