Principal suspended for sending sexy texts to students

A school teacher has been suspended for a year after sending sexually suggestive texts to two female high school students.

The man was the principal and deputy principal at the time and made "over familiar, inappropriate and sexualised" comments, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal found.

News Limited reports that the man also made sexually provocative comments to the girls, such as "There's a really hot chemist down there. I'd ride her up the elevator."

The text messages were sent over a period of 10 months while the 44-year-old was working at a regional private school in 2009.

The tribunal heard that the year 12 girls received texts such as "Hey. What are you doing? I just got out of the shower" and: "Saw you on the oval. Nice legs".

The teacher said that he never intended his behaviour to be sexually suggestive, however admitted that it could be construed as such.

He showed remorse for his behaviour and argued that he previously had an unblemished teaching record since joining the profession in 1991.

The tribunal's judgment had to decide whether the man posed an unacceptable risk to children.

The judgment said: "The tribunal accepts the agreed behaviours are limited to year 12 students and that the level of the communication, although inappropriate and sexualised, did not evidence behaviour that suggested or established a progressing pattern of behaviour or an unacceptable risk of harm."

The man was suspended for 12 months. Before he can return to teaching, he must do a psychological assessment to ensure he understands about boundaries with students.

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