Animals rescued from flood waters

Animals shelters across the South East are reaching capacity with hundreds of wildlife, livestock and pets, without homes because of the floods.

Animals rescued from flood waters

Animals rescued from flood waters

More than a dozen baby pelicans have also been rescued after their home at Wivenhoe Dam was destroyed.

Tania Bishop from the RSPCA told 7News: “It's not common for pelicans to nest this close to the coast, it's usually further out west.”

The chicks, aged between four and eight weeks, were rescued yesterday.

They were taken to the wildlife hospital where a critical care unit has been set up.

“They're very stressed, they're cold and a lot of them have been battered around by the storm so they're fairly fragile at the moment,” Ms Bishop said.

In Ipswich, around 200 animals were given shelter at the local showgrounds.

Councillor Andrew Antoniolli said: “It was like a managerie. We have dogs, cats, cattle, horses, goats, in fact we also had the occasional bird and snake.”

Those animals still without homes are now housed at the local pound.

The RSPCA says they expect to see more displaced animals as floodwaters recede and are asking people if they find any to bring them into shelters where possible.

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