Brawl family say 'police started it'

A Sydney father and his four children have been freed on bail, during a court appearance, over Tuesday's Bankstown brawl.

Brawl family say 'police started it'

Brawl family say 'police started it'

Along with his wife, they are all charged with bashing police, but they've told Seven News the officers started it.

As son, Hussein Mehanna, walked free on bail he said police hit his mother and took her scarf off.

"This is racism, discrimination, everything," Mehanna said.

"Too much aggressive force. They shouldn't be doing this. They bashed me and my family for no f***ing reason. No reason at all."

Hussein’s father says the family is being victimized.

"We don't do nothing wrong, okay? That's what. Thank you very much. Please," Mohamed Mehanna said.

All of them claim a brawl at their home on Tuesday night, in which seven police officers were injured, was started by police.

Officers allege the fight erupted only when an officer was king-hit. They had been called to an argument so volatile that neighbours were scared someone would get hurt.

Ironically, the Triple-0 call for help resulted in people being injured. Even mother, Rafah, was sporting a black eye today.

"You can see how she's feeling a little bit and she's got bruises you can't see," the family's lawyer said.

The father and children are now subject to an overnight curfew.

They are due back in court later this month; their mother in February.