K-Fed's brother 'fathered Britney's baby'

Kevin Federline's brother has come out of the woodwork to make shocking claims against pop sensation Britney Spears.

Christopher Federline claims to have slept with Britney during her marriage and says he is the father of her now 7-year-old son, Sean Preston.

Christopher reportedly filed for a temporary restraining order against Britney on December 18 after she allegedly blackmailed, stole and harrassed him.

Chris and Kevin Federline. Photo: Getty

He claims she stole a credit card from his wallet and then told him she would tell the world he was the true father of Sean Preston if he reported the theft to authorities.

In court documents, Christopher reportedly said Britney is 'out-of-control and a maniac'.

Sources claimed that Christopher held regrets over the alleged relationship saying the "fling was a mistake and he kept it to himself because he didn't want his wife at the time to find out."

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