Card skimmer found on Adelaide ATM

A high-tech card skimming device has been found on an automatic teller machine right near Adelaide’s shopping hub Rundle Mall.

The card skimmer found on a city ATM.

The card skimmer found on a city ATM.

The device was found on an ATM on James Place by an alert customer, who notified the bank.

Police say it is equipped with memory cards so it can store video footage and details of the skimmed cards.

A pin-hole camera on the cash dispenser films the customer entering their PIN, while a replica of the card reader records the card data.

The fraudsters then remove the device and download the data.

Police say the skimmer appears similar to another device found in Brisbane recently.

They have seized the device and don’t think any customers have been compromised this time, but they do believe the device had been attached to another ATM elsewhere.

Police are urging customers to be wary of fraudsters in the lead up to Christmas.

"Beware of anyone acting suspiciously around ATMs and report it,” Detective Inspector Greg Hutchins officer in charge of the Financial Investigation Section said.

“Always check the ATM for obvious signs of tampering. A customer can give the card entry point a bit of a wiggle to make sure it's firmly and completely attached.

“We would also recommend customers shield their PIN with their hand – no matter where they are.”