Grandmother's murder could be a first

The death of a grandmother in Moreton Bay's Macleay Island could be the community's first murder.

Grandmother's death first on Island

Grandmother's death first on Island

The body of 85-year-old Liselotte Watson was found in her bedroom on Tuesday after police were called to check on her by a concerned friend.

News Limited reports Mrs Watson was supposed to meet the friend on Monday - but failed to show.

Brisbane-based forensic crews joined Macleay Island's police officers to search the Alistair Court home.

Detective Superintendent Geoff Sheldon said the grandmother was found in "unnatural circumstances".

"Being an island community like that, we're seeking assistance from the public to see if anyone has seen or heard anything during Monday or Tuesday," he said.

He said that between 1200 1300 people would have been on Macleay during that time.

Neighbour Val Notley said she would see Mrs Watson three times a week for a cup of tea.

"She felt quite secure (in her home) but I thinks she was getting quite tired of being on the island alone.

"I don't know why anybody would want to go into her house and do this unless she disturbed them trying to steal something."