Man shot by police in Redfern

Police say an officer was fighting for his life when he shot a violent robbery suspect during a confrontation in Redfern this morning.

Man shot by police in Redfern

Man shot by police in Redfern

The suspect was spotted with another man, as part of a police crackdown on property crime in the inner Sydney suburb.

He ran and was chased by a 36-year-old constable.

The wounded man was hit in the foot, while police say an undercover officer is lucky to be alive, he suffered a broken wrist.

The pair was involved in a very violent close contact confrontation, according to Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch.

The scuffle occurred in the foyer of a Redfern public housing block.

It’s alleged that the 29-year-old suspected thief from Parramatta was shot in the foot after biting the officer.

"As with any police shooting a Critical Incident Team has been set up to investigate exactly what happened and why," Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch says.

After seeing security camera pictures, the assistant commissioner already believes the officer, who didn't have a taser, had little choice but to fire.

"The officer was literally fighting for his own safety if not his life," Mark Murdoch says.

The sergeant’s heavily pregnant wife will be glad to see him home.