The day doctor John nearly died

1 July, 2012
Reporter: Dr John D'Arcy
Producer: Sophie Kennedy-White

The day doctor John nearly died

The day doctor John nearly died

This is a story that had an unexpected ending for Sunday Night's resident doctor and sends a warning to all of us.

During the course of filming a piece on dodgy knees, or osteoarthritis, Dr John D'Arcy made a mistake with his medication that landed him in the emergency ward and almost killed him.

Dr D'Arcy had been taking medication to ease chronic pain in his knees, a condition he has suffered for years. The pain in his knees was triggered by excess weight and a lack of exercise.

Every extra kilogram of weight you carry on your body increases the force on your knees by about another 6 kilograms.

But it’s not only people battling the bulge that are in danger. Around the country young fit and healthy people are causing great damage to their knees every time they step onto a netball court or a footy field.

But now, an exciting new surgery to replace the damaged bone with a metal and plastic crown. With no recovery and rehab, patients are walking with in hours.

This is what Dr John should have done. Instead, he kept putting it off, turning to pain killers.

In the end, what started out as a story on osteoarthritis turned out very differently for Sunday Night’s good doctor.

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