Matthew Newton arrested in Miami

Matthew Newton arrested in Miami

Matthew Newton arrested in Miami

Matthew Newton has been arrested in Miami for resisting police and trespassing on property following warning.

Newton's lawyer, Chris Murphy, last week said that Newton had moved to a "peaceful mid-western community" in the US to escape from media scrutiny in Australia.

Murphy today confirmed Newton's arrest via Twitter:

"News: Miami Matthew Newton charged & released for returning to seating area after being warned to leave.Non violent resist alleged."

He also tweeted:

"News: Allegation minor misdemeanour against M.Newton. No drugs, alcohol or violence alleged against Newton."

"News:Matthew Newton dining with Australian.4witnesses incl owner confirm no alcohol or drugs.Newton asked 4 police blood test to confirm."

Matthew Newton sports a bruising after being arrested in Miami. Photo:

It is reported that Newton was dining and drinking at Miami's Mr Moe's Restaurant and Bar when asked to leave the premises, and was then "belligerent" while refusing to leave.

"He kept coming back so they arrested him. He tried to fight back against police which is where I imagine he got the bruise to his face, despite his friend trying to move him away," said the manager of Mr Moe's.

The arrest comes only days the troubled actor was ordered by a judge to face court over an assault in Crows Nest on a 66-year old taxi driver.

35-year old Newton was charged with assaulting taxi driver Mohsen Kyayami in the neck while he was sitting in his taxi on December 4.

Newton, son of showbiz couple Bert and Patti Newton, failed to have the assault charge against him dealt with under the Mental Health Act, as proposed by his lawyer.

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