9 Questions Kids Will Ask About Christmas – And How To Answer Them

Victoria Richards
·2-min read

One thing’s for sure, Christmas isn’t going to be the same as usual, this year.

Not least because rather than facing the standard questions from curious kids – such as how Santa can possibly visit every child in the world in one night, what happened to the large glass of sherry we left for him and why does mummy have a hangover on Christmas morning – children are wondering, rightly, about how Covid will affect the most wonderful time of the year.

Here are nine questions you might find yourself fielding in the run-up to December 25 – and some handy tips on how to answer them.


Is Christmas cancelled?

Kids – they get straight to the point, the little heartbreakers. The answer to this is... no, Christmas isn’t cancelled. Not completely, anyway. When children ask whether the big day is cancelled, just like trick or treating has been axed for Halloween, it’s best to tell it’s going to be a little different this year.

Kids like routine, so it stands to reason that preparing them for what to expect might alleviate anxiety over the unknown. Draw a mental (or physical, if you’ve got the skills) picture of what Christmas might be like, even though we can’t be 100% sure yet.

At the moment, outside of local lockdowns, the ‘rule of six’ still applies, so it’s worth telling your children to expect something substantially smaller – with fewer people, but full of love. It’s likely there may be a few family members they may not see this year, too – perhaps because they are vulnerable, or live in a different tier. Make sure your kids know this in advance. Preparing them is key.

Will Santa have to wear a mask?

It seems as good a time as any to hit home the importance of good hygiene, including wearing masks, so I’ll be telling my kids a firm “yes” to this one. I might...

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