Woman's 90kg weight loss left her with one massive issue

Kara dropped half her body weight. Photo: Australscope

A woman who shed almost 100kg has shown off her jaw-dropping transformation and opened up about an uncomfortable side effect that has left her sex life more than a little dampened.

Kara Beck from Kansas City, USA, used to binge her way through over 3,500 calories in a day, add that to a hereditary problem with obesity and diabetes, Kara was far from in healthy mind-frame and tipped the scales at an astonishing 165kg to boot.

Kara was eating 3500 Kj a day which saw her weight climb to 165kg. Photo: Australascope

Mercilessly bullied at school, Kara says the abuse fed the cycle and saw her eat her feelings through burrito bowls, bags of chips and tubs of ice cream.

Then in August 2016 Kara fell pregnant, and was warned by Doctors that her pregnancy would be severely impacted by her weight.

She says this was the deciding moment that saw her kick her brain into a new gear that helped her start to tackle her weight bit by bit.

In January 2018 Kara had a gastric bypass which she credits with more than halving her body weight.

Kara now maintains an active healthy lifestyle. Photo: MDWfeatures / Kara Beck
Kara lost 14 stone in total. Photo: MDWfeatures / Kara Beck

The young mum is now an incredible 76kg and a size 12, a weight and look she maintains through exercise six times a week and a strict diet that has limited her daily intake to 1500 kJ where she used to eat 3500.

Despite the amazing gains Kara admits that the excess skin the dramatic drop has left her with makes her struggle to recognise her own progress, and even holds her back in the bedroom.

More than a year and a half later, Kara has changed her life by losing an incredible 88kgs, she now weighs 75 and is a size 10. Photo: MDWfeatures / Kara Beck

“Excess skin affects my ability to truly see and accept how much weight I’ve actually lost,” she says.

“It can be a bit of a pain because it gets caught when I turn in my bed at night and it makes me feel self-conscious in other ways between the sheets if you know what I mean.”

Not one to let it hold her back she has booked in surgery to remove the skin and finally see, and fell like the new version of herself.

Additional reporting by Australscope

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