62 percent of Biden voters want to replace both candidates on the ballot: Poll

Roughly 6 in 10 voters backing President Biden say they’d replace both the incumbent and his rival former President Trump on the 2024 ballot if they could, polling released Wednesday shows.

A Pew Research report found 62 percent of Biden supporters said they’d swap out both candidates at the top of the ticket, compared to just 35 percent of Trump supporters who said the same.

On the flip side, 27 percent of Trump voters and just 4 percent of Biden voters say they’d keep both candidates. About a third of each candidate’s backers say they’d keep just their candidate and replace the other.

Both Biden and Trump have secured the delegates they need to become their parties’ presumptive presidential nominees in the fall, but the Pew Research figures are another signal of voter frustration about the idea of a 2024 Biden-Trump rematch. They also come as Biden continues to see protest votes in his party primaries from Democrats upset with the administration’s handling of Israel’s war in Gaza — and concerns that young people are souring on his party.

Across both parties, younger voters were more likely than older voters to say they’d replace both candidates if they could – 73 percent of Biden supporters ages 18-49 and 38 percent of Trump supporters in the same range.

Fewer voters also say “it really matters who wins” the 2024 presidential race compared to those that said the same at this point in the 2020 cycle. Back then, 80 percent of Trump supporters and 77 percent of Biden supporters said the race really matters — but those figures have now dropped to 70 percent each.

The report draws from a wave of the Pew Research American Trends Panel conducted April 8-14 among 8,709 respondents, and the results had a margin of error of plus or minus 1.5 percentage points.

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