60kg toddler eats more than parents

He's only three years old, but already Lu Hao weighs 60kg and is five times the size of an average three-year-old.

Hao's father, Lu Yuncheng, said an average meal for the Chinese toddler included three bowls of rice.

"His appetite is so good that for a meal he can eat three big bowls of rice, even larger than I and his mother," Mr Lu said.

Hao weighed 2.6kg when he was born but started gaining weight rapidly from the age of three months, The Daily Mail has reported.

His parents have kept a close eye on his diet, but his mother, Chen Yuan, said that if they did not feed him he would cry non-stop.

Hao is so heavy that his mother is no longer able to lift him.

"No matter how hard the family restricts Hao's diet and pushes him to move more the toddler has still managed to put on 10kg in the past year," The Mail said.

"Hao hates walking and each day his mother takes him to kindergarten on a motorcycle."

Mr Lu said there "was no such giant person" on either side of the family.

"We took him to three hospitals and one said he has a tumour in the head, while the other two said there is no tumour in the head," he said.

"Doctors said his hormones are at a normal level. It's hard to know why he could be so big."

Mrs Chen said the family was concerned about the child's health and hoped that he would become slimmer as he aged, to avoid bullying.

"Hao has many toys at home but his favourite is Superman because, he says, 'Superman can fly and beat bad men'," The Mail said.

"When asked is he would like to fly like Superman, Hao giggles and replies: 'No, I am too fat.'

"To push Hao to do more sports, the family installed a basketball hoop in the yard and often take him to swim in a local river, but the exercise just makes him hungrier and results in him putting on more weight."