51 Inappropriate Scenes From "ICarly," "Victorious," "Drake & Josh," "Zoey 101," "All That," And "The Amanda Show" That Are Wild To Look Back On

51 Inappropriate Scenes From "ICarly," "Victorious," "Drake & Josh," "Zoey 101," "All That," And "The Amanda Show" That Are Wild To Look Back On

In the wake of Quiet on Set, many people are looking back at scenes from Nickelodeon shows in a new light. The shows most in the hot seat are those produced by Dan Schneider, who parted ways with the network in 2018. Schneider has since been accused of inappropriate behavior in the workplace, which he has denied.

Closeup of Dan Schneider

But fans have been pointing out the sexualization of young girls in Schneider's shows for years, along with other problematic and inappropriate scenes. A while back, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about moments that are SUPER uncomfortable to look back on. Here are the scenes they mentioned.

Note: Some submissions include topics of eating disorders, anti-trans language, and young girls being sexualized.

1.Ariana Grande was probably the most blatantly sexualized, like in this clip from iCarly.

Three people in a sitcom scene with an exchange about a "dirty cat." A moment of surprise with a character covered in whipped cream

2.But probably the most infamous examples are the Victorious bonus clips. In one, Grande (as her character Cat) tries to drink water upside down, and it's super sexual.

Ariana Grande parodying a scene, holding a water bottle upside down to her mouth, captioned with humorous text

3.In the same clip, she also tries to juice a potato in a very sexual manner.

Cat squeezing a potato

4.In another of these bonus clips, Cat tries to touch her uvula.

Three consecutive shots of a woman with exaggerated facial expressions, miming awkward sentences for comedic effect

5.These clips are just filled with double entendres.

Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine upside down with text bubbles quoting humorous lines from "Victorious."

6.In yet another bonus clip, Cat tries to stick her foot in her mouth.

Cat putting her toe in her mouth

Suggested by arcticmankeys


7.In fact, you could write a whole dissertation on foot-related scenes in Dan Schneider's shows, like this one from iCarly.

Two women having fun with their feet up, television show scene

8.Here's another one from iCarly, which also features teenage Miranda Cosgrove naked in the bath.

Woman relaxes in a bathtub, playfully sticking her toe in the faucet. Text depicts her saying "In...Out!" as her toe gets stuck

9.This bonus clip of Tori from Victorious is particularly bad.

A scene from a TV show with text bubbles showing a humorous exchange about a tofu recipe and performance art

10.Many of the scenes seem innocent, like this moment from iCarly...

Three-panel sitcom scene showing characters Sam and Freddie. Sam reclines while Freddie massages her feet; both are conversing

11....And this one, where Carly wakes Sam up with her bare foot...

Child character resting on a couch under a blanket in a sitcom scene

12....But there are so many of them that they become hard to ignore. Remember that whole episode of Victorious where Trina buys illegal fish to nibble her feet and make them smooth, and everyone ogles her feet the entire episode?

Group of teens engaged in a playful hand game on a TV show set

13."Feel these kids' feet" should've been Nickelodeon's tagline back then.

Scene from a TV show with characters in a medical setting, engaging humorously with children on hospital beds

14.It's...uncomfortable, to say the least.

Dr. Cox from Scrubs flailing his arms comically while speaking to a seated patient, in a hospital setting

15.I'll end the feet examples with this scene of Tori from Victorious, but there are SO MANY MORE.

Scene from TV show with characters Tori, Cat, Beck, and Andre reacting to Tori removing shoes and socks; movie poster included

16.There are also a LOT of what seem to be references to porn tropes and scenes in Schneider's shows, like when Cat is surrounded by guys shooting water guns at her in Victorious.

Cat in a water gun fight

"Vile stuff."



17.One that comes up repeatedly is people — usually young girls — getting something squirted on their faces, like this example in Zoey 101.

Zoey with gunk on her face

18.It also happens on Victorious...

Man in a sweater seated in a rattan chair looks troubled, rubbing temples with eyes closed

19....And in Drake & Josh...

Two actors on a set performing, one holding a paper airplane, with a TV channel logo

20....AND on All That.

Two scenes from a comedy sketch show: top image shows a person mid-sneeze, bottom image shows a person splattered with the sneeze aftermath

21.Let's also not forget that the kid's costume seems pretty darn phallic in the All That example, as pointed out in Quiet on Set.

Person in a costume with a peach on the shirt, standing in a room with a door and table visible

22.In one of the most famous examples from Quiet on Set, another All That scene seems to reference glory holes.

Three-panel comic: Top panel shows a restroom sign; middle shows a man with bulging cheeks; bottom panel depicts a finger pressing a doorbell

23.A lot of the shows also include sexual (or sexual-sounding) terms that would probably go over most kids' heads, like this iCarly scene that features the word "hobknocker," which was actually cut from the British broadcast.

Scene from a TV show with three characters, one holding a chicken, surprised by another's dialogue

24.And, of course, there's Penelope's last name from The Amanda Show, which two of the writers alleged was purposeful innuendo in the first episode of Quiet on Set.

Character with helmet and glasses wearing plaid shirt and overalls

25.In an early episode of Victorious, Robbie tells Andre, "nice fingering" after he plays the piano.

Scene from a TV show with Andre playing piano and complimenting a young student's piano technique, who wiggles fingers in response

26.And in another episode, Tori refers to herself as a "throat player."

TV characters from "Victorious" in a scene, with dialogue bubbles showing a humorous exchange about singing

27.In one Victorious episode inspired by The Breakfast Club, the dialogue is a clear reference to the scene in the film about the characters being virgins, though they use the word "vegan" instead.

Jade accuses Robbie of being a vegan, and Robbie says he didn't want Tori to know

28.A lot of the innuendo in these shows is about breast size. Like this example from Victorious...

Scene from a show with characters Cat, Robbie, Jade, and Trina reacting to a comment

29....And this one, also from Victorious...

Two scenes from a TV show featuring characters CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue with text quotes from their dialogue

30....And this one from Zoey 101, where one of Quinn's inventions makes her boobs look bigger, and Michael jokingly gives her a "D+."

"Or D+"

31.There's also plenty of butt wiggling, like in this Victorious scene...

Two characters from the TV show iCarly in a comedic scene, with dialogue text overlaid

32....Along with spanking, like in this Victorious scene.

Person in plush red lobster costume over another person on a set with oversized letters in the background

33.There are also a ton of jokes that rely on cross-dressing and seem to poke fun at transgender people. One of the most blatant examples is in Victorious when Beck makes a joke about his aunt being transgender and purposefully misgenders her.

Robbie remembers that cars are called "she," and Beck reminds him boats and airplanes are, too, and also his uncle "Barbara" with finger quotes

Suggested by thefunkyonion


34.There's also a scene in Drake & Josh when Josh impulsively kisses a woman passing by, and then her voice is super deep, which is accompanied by a laugh track and Josh looking horrified.

"Congratulations, man."

35.Also on Drake & Josh, Drake tells Josh to get a sex change so it'll be easier to break up with Mindy.

"Mindy, I am in the process of becoming a woman..."

36.And then, of course, there's the episode in which Josh dresses up as a woman to write his advice column, which is run by his female alter ego, and Drake calls him a freak...

"You want some good advice? Stop dressing like a lady!"

37....And the episode when Josh's dad dresses in a prom dress that Drake's mom is working on for their neighbor, who Megan thinks is a boy. Then, when the woman shows up, Megan shudders after hearing her speak in a low voice.

"Is my dress ready yet?"

38.This type of humor continues in full force on iCarly. Spencer has multiple examples where he dresses as a woman, and it's played for laughs — especially when he dresses as Great Aunt Natalie and is called a "man lady."

"That's the one. That's a man lady!"

39.Sam's obsession with food (and problematic comments regarding it) on iCarly is particularly hard to watch after knowing about Jennette McCurdy's eating disorder at the time. While producers were unaware, they still went against her wishes in continuing to include these jokes despite them making her uncomfortable.

"I have a problem."

40.There are also a ton of jokes about underwear that are fat-shaming, like when Victorious had a whole plot line about Trina and Cat using Tori's underwear as tissues in public and without her permission, then referring to them as being "giant."


41.Coco is consistently fat-shamed on Zoey 101, like when Chase mistakes her underwear for a pillowcase.

"That is my underwear!"

42.There are plenty of other problematic jokes on these shows. Check out this skit about drinking from a sumo wrestler's belly on The Amanda Show.

"Something obese!"

43.Does anyone remember the "iGo to Japan" episode of iCarly? It's filled with racist stereotypes and vilification of Japanese characters.

Freddie's mom says the kids have been kidnapped by evil Japanese web comedians, and later Sam says she finds Japenese people arguing funny

44.In Sam & Cat, people with dwarfism are used for comedic purposes and are referred to as things rather than people.

Sam says Cat is supposed to be studying, have red hair, and not supposed to be handcuffed to "that" (referring to a man with dwarfism who is handcuffed to her)

Suggested by sarahe4c48a21ee


45.The shows often make light of mental health, as well. On Victorious (and in the aforementioned bonus videos of Cat), they constantly make a joke out of Cat and her brother's mental health.

Cat answers a tweet asking what's wrong with her, saying her parents took her to doctors but they don't know, and also says she has to go because her brother is going back to the "clinic" for a while

46.And then there's "Crazy Steve" on Drake & Josh.

"Cock-a-doodle-doo the cow says moo"

47.In another problematic running joke, Stacey's lisp on Zoey 101 is constantly played for laughs, right up until she's hit by a car and "cured."

"Oh my god, my S's sound perfect!"

48.There are also some creepy storylines on the shows, like on Zoey 101, when Logan spies on the girls with a hidden camera.

"Just a present from me to you girls."

49.And Robbie from Victorious is constantly making creepy comments through his puppet.

Group of TV show characters in a scene, including a puppet, expressing concern and surprise

50.Robbie is pretty creepy himself, considering he has secret cardboard cutouts of Cat he keeps in his room.

TV show scene with characters Cat, Robbie, and Jade discussing knee pads

51.And finally, in one episode of iCarly, there's a Confederate flag just randomly hanging in a classroom.

Arrow pointing to Confederate flag hanging off the wall

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What other problematic and inappropriate scenes from these shows do you remember? Let us know in the comments.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.