5 Fibs You Were Told This Week About Herd Immunity, Free School Meals And Rudy Giuliani

Chris York
·2-min read

Hello and welcome once again to 5 Fibs, which this week breaks new ground by featuring Rudy Giuliani’s nether regions.

Still with us? My, you are brave.

Don’t worry too much, that doesn’t come up until the very last entry so there are plenty of fibs to get angry about before we get... there.

And because we have your best interests at heart, here’s some eye bleach to dip into as required.

Lovely stuff.


The news this week was dominated by the astounding battle between Downing Street and Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham in scenes so dramatic, the government was accused of “waging war” against the region.

The saga peaked with the mayor finding out from the media on live TV that his constituency had been put in tier 3 lockdown.

Fuelling the tussle was a flurry of statistics being flung by the government as it attempted to justify imposing the strictest set of restrictions.

On Monday it was claimed Greater Manchester hospital intensive care beds would be overwhelmed with coronavirus patients by November 12 – in a best-case scenario.

But when journalist Jennifer Williams of the Manchester Evening News tried to find evidence of this, she was met with mostly silence from the relevant authorities.

She spent a full day on Monday trying to access trust-by-trust Covid admissions numbers as a proportion of overall capacity, compared to the April peak, as well as the same figures for intensive care and high dependency beds.

Despite contacting every hospital trust in Greater Manchester, as well as five other bodies including the Department of Health...

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