At 49, Kate Moss Flaunts Her Epic Abs In A Naked Dress

clooney foundation for justice's the albies
Kate Moss Flaunts Her Epic Abs In A Naked DressGotham - Getty Images
  • Kate Moss walked the red carpet for the Clooney Foundation for Justice's The Albies event in New York City in a white naked dress, flaunting her epic abs, legs, and butt, while freeing the nipple.

  • While the model used to not work out, she started exercising at the gym and doing yoga in her mid-40s.

  • She starts her day with Dawn Tea, and cooks for her daughter, Lila, on Sundays.

Kate Moss knows how to create a good fashion moment—it's just a fact. So, it comes as no surprise that the supermodel just totally shut down a recent red carpet in a naked dress that's both elegant and trendy.

The 49-year-old model attended the Clooney Foundation for Justice's The Albies, an award show to spotlight brave people who devote their lives to justice. She rocked a white naked dress that's totally transparent, freeing the nipple, and flaunting her strong body.

In the photos, it's clear that Kate is toned all over as she works the puffy-sleeved and gently frilled dress. She's showing off her sculpted abs, butt, and legs, all while giving off model vibes—because, ya know, she’s done this before.

clooney foundation for justice's the albies
Kate Moss at the Clooney Foundation for Justice’s The Albies in New York City.Gotham - Getty Images

One thing's for sure: Kate is super strong right now. So, what’s she been up to? While she once famously declared that she never works out, she actually got into yoga and going to the gym in her mid-40s, she told The Guardian in 2017.

“It’s made me feel really good,” Kate said. “I worked out for an hour every consecutive day for a couple of weeks and it was enough that I really started to see the benefits, which I’d never really done before."

Last year, Kate also previously shared her “beauty secrets” and revealed that fitness is still a big part of her life with Vogue. “I’ve been meditating, doing yoga, just being much healthier,” she shared. “All of this stuff that can make you more grounded and balanced.”

Yoga, as you’ve probably heard, is a great low-impact workout that promotes muscle tone and can even get your heart rate up a little. Here's Kate talking about her daily routine:

These days, Kate shared that she likes to kick off her day with a 10-minute transcendental meditation, she previously told The Sunday Times. Then, she does either ashtanga yoga or reformer Pilates for her workout.

In fact, Kate tries to do a bit of yoga every day, she previously shared with British Vogue in 2020. “Even if I don’t have a class or a teacher that day, I try and do some every morning," she said. "I do a bit of a flow. For exercise, I have a TRX and a mat and some weights, just little ones.”

Food-wise, Kate starts her day with Dawn Tea, and also loves drinking green smoothies. She cooks for her daughter, Lila, on Sundays using vegetables that she grows herself, she told The Sunday Times.

She also practices the 80-20 method, where she aims to eat healthy 80 percent of the time and has whatever she wants for the other 20 percent, according to The Guardian.

Love the dress, Kate!

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