27 Pictures Of 2000s Things That Millennials Have Forgotten About, But Will Remember Immediately When Seeing Them

1.Comedy CDs that you would either buy or burn a copy from a friend (and listen to over and over):

Album cover of Dane Cook 'Harmful If Swallowed' with his face centered and microphones crossed below

2.Segways, which were so hyped up and promised to be the way people would get around in the near future:

Segway personal transporter displayed with logo in the background
David Lefranc / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

3.LiveStrong bracelets which EVERYBODY owned and wore because "they cared":

Yellow Livestrong wristband on a dark background
Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

4.And various other cause bracelets that some people would stack together and wear all at once because "they REALLY cared":

Close-up of an individual's arm with multiple bracelets, one with visible text "LIVESTRONG."
Gregg DeGuire / WireImage / Getty Images

5.Catherine Zeta-Jones as the spokesperson for T-Mobile:

Catherine Zeta-Jones in a T-Mobile commercial
T-Mobile / Via youtube.com

6.And Britney Spears as the spokesperson for Pepsi — which featured her in some iconic commercials and the boppish jingle "The Joy of Pepsi":

Britney Spears in a commercial, holding out a Pepsi can, wearing a blue sleeve with straps
Pepsi / Via youtube.com

7."Jesus is my Homeboy" trucker hats that they would sell at Urban Outfitters (and, of course, they also sold the T-shirts as well):

Black and white cap with text "JESUS IS MY HOMIE."

8.Low-rise jeans that had laced-up sides and that anyone wearing them probably couldn't sit down in:

Close-up of a person wearing low-rise jeans with crisscross lacing on the sides
Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

9.IPod socks that literally did nothing to protect your iPod if you accidentally dropped it. They were also inconvenient to use because you couldn't access the controls for the iPod without pulling the whole thing out:

Rows of iPod Socks packaging with assorted bright colors on a store shelf
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

10.And the iHome stereo with the remote, which was also such a flex if you owned one:

An iHome clock radio with docking station for older iPod model

11.Altoids Sours, which would scratch the hell out of the inside of your mouth but were so worth it for the flavor:

Six different flavors of Altoids Sours in circular tins arranged on a wooden surface

12.The MTV Icon specials that, sadly, they didn't do enough of:

TV screen displaying 'mtv ICON Janet Jackson' with symbol and warm glow above
MTV / Via youtube.com

13.And the annual VH1 Big in... award show, which was a lot of fun and, sadly, they stopped putting together after '06:

Logo of VH1's Big in '05 Awards with stylized text and graphics
VH1 / Via youtube.com

14.The red-eyes effect you would get in, like, 60% of the photos you took with flash:

Close-up of a person's eyes with red-eye effect from camera flash
sammyyam22 / Via reddit.com

15.Having to call yourself, listen to your outgoing greeting, and then press your code in order to listen to your voicemails:

Hilary Duff smiling, seated, wearing a black sequined top, with numerous bracelets and holding a phone
KMazur / WireImage / Getty Images

16.The collections of cords you would have because every time you changed cellphones, they would come with a totally different charging cord:

Assorted electronic cables with various connectors, including USB and HDMI, for different devices

17.Having to use four or more discs to install just ONE game on to the desktop:

"The Sims 2" video game CDs and case with characters displayed on the cover and discs

18.Those water wheel timers that everyone had and were kinda mesmerizing to look at:

Three different hourglass sand timers with colored sand and wheel gears on the sides
Rhode Island Novelty / Via amazon.com

19.Talk Soup on E!, hosted by Aisha Tyler:

Closeup of Aisha Tyler on "Talk Soup"
E! / Via youtube.com

20.Crossing Over with John Edward — which would always creep you out whenever he'd communicate with a dead relative of someone in his audience:

Closeup of John Edward
John Edward / Via youtube.com

21.Fancy and "slim" under cabinet CD players (that came with a remote, of course) that rich people would install in their Tuscan kitchens:

A Sony CD player and radio boombox with digital display and function buttons
Sony / Via amazon.com

22.Multi-disc DVD players (that were connected to a 5.1 surround sound system, of course) that were another thing only rich people had and felt like the height of technology:

DVD player with 'Saving Private Ryan' disc partially ejected
Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Star Tribune via Getty Images

23.Board games that you had to play along with a DVD:

Scene It? DVD game box with title and group of people playing
ScreenLife / Via amazon.com

24.Snuggies, which you were always tempted to get because they played the commercial nonstop:

Woman in a Snuggie blanket on a couch, text advertises being 'Warm from head to toe'
Allstar Marketing Group / Via youtube.com

25.Abercrombie & Fitch's problematic graphic tees:


26.Paris Hilton's witty and self-deprecating book Confessions of an Heiress:

Paris Hilton poses for her book "Confessions of an Heiress," wearing a pink halterneck dress
Simon & Schuster, Inc/ J. Vespa / WireImage / Getty Images

27.And lastly, the frustration when the DVR would stop recording a show before it got to the end because the show ran a few minutes over:

Audio receiver front view with control buttons and display, no brand visible
Donnichols / Getty Images