‘265 days to learn to read!’ Lea Michele pokes fun at her ‘illiteracy’ in response to Barbra Streisand memoir

Lea Michele has joked that she’s started a “learn to read” challenge ahead of the release of Barbra Streisand’s memoir.

The multi-award-winning singer and actor is set to release a book about her life titled My Name is Barbra in November.

Michele is a documented fan of Streisand and is currently performing on Broadway as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl – a role originated by Streisand in the first 1964 stage production.

The former Glee star has been the subject of a long-running internet joke that claims she doesn’t know how to read.

Last year, Michele addressed the rumour, calling it “sad” and saying that the same wouldn’t be said about a man in her position.

But in her response to the news about Streisand’s forthcoming book, Michele poked fun at her alleged illiteracy with a TikTok, posted on Wednesday (8 February).

“265 days to learn to READ!!!” Michele’s caption appears as the video shows her excitedly reacting to an Instagram announcement about the memoir.

Fans wasted no time in joining in with her tongue-in-cheek remark. “I am sure there will be an audiobook version, don’t worry,” wrote one person, while another chimed in with: “Hooked on Phonics starts TODAY!”

“I believe in you bby girl you can do it,” reads another supportive comment.

Lea Michele will ‘learn to read’ ahead of Barbra Streisand’s book release (TikTok / Lea Michele)
Lea Michele will ‘learn to read’ ahead of Barbra Streisand’s book release (TikTok / Lea Michele)

Other fans have commended Michele’s light-hearted response.

“Gotta give Lea props. She takes the meme and uses it to her advantage,” one wrote.

In many of the comments on Michele’s TikToks, fans play along with the joke by adding emojis as additional communication aids.

In keeping with this gag, one response reads: “Slay funny girl!” with emojis of nails being painted, a laughing face, and a young girl to further cement the message.

My Name is Barbra will be released on 7 November 2023.