23 Of The Most Insufferable Fictional Men To Ever Appear On TV

23 Of The Most Insufferable Fictional Men To Ever Appear On TV

🚨There are MAJOR spoilers ahead.🚨

We asked the BuzzFeed Community which fictional TV show men they loved at first but quickly came to hate, and y'all didn't hold back. Here are those responses:

1.Xavier Thorpe from Wednesday

Screenshot from "Wednesday"

2.Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy

Screenshot from "Grey's Anatomy"

3.Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl

Screenshot from "Gossip Girl"

4.Toby Damon from This Is Us

Screenshot from "This Is Us"

5.Jared Vasquez from Manifest

Screenshot from "Manifest"

6.Alex Karev from Grey's Anatomy

Actor in a white lab coat portraying Dr. Alex Karev on a TV show set, looking concerned

7.Cole Turner from Charmed

Closeup of Cole Turner, played by Julian McMahon

8.Dean Forester from Gilmore Girls

Screenshot from "Gilmore Girls"

9.Ross Geller from Friends

Ross from Friends with Marcel the monkey on his back, in the iconic Central Perk set

10.Nathan Shelley from Ted Lasso

Screenshot from "Ted Lasso"

"At first, he was a great laugh, but later on, he just became an asshole."


Apple TV+ / Everett

11.Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy

Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy in scrubs, looking concerned in a hospital setting

12.Elliot Stabler from Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime

Screenshot from "Law & Order"

13.Logan Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls

Screenshot from "Gilmore Girls"

14.Bill Compton from True Blood

Screenshot from "True Blood"

"Perfect Southern vampire gentleman becomes a domineering cockwaffle in the later seasons."


HBO / Everett Collection

15.Andy Bernard from The Office

Character Andy Bernard from The Office in an office setting with a laptop and desk accessories

16.Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries

Screenshot from "The Vampire Diaries"

"Such a controlling creep."


The CW / Everett Collection

17.Lex Luthor from Smallville

Lex Luthor from 'Smallville' wearing a purple shirt and black coat

18.Brandon Walsh from 90210

Character from "90210" lounging on a sofa wearing a vibrant short-sleeved shirt

19.Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill

Screenshot from "One Tree Hill"

20.Pete Wilder from Private Practice

Screenshot from "Private Practice"

21.Tormund Giantsbane from Game of Thrones

Screenshot from "Game of Thrones"

22.Liam Henstridge from The Royals

Screenshot from "The Royals"

23.And last, but certainly not least: Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother

Screenshot from "How I Met Your Mother"

Responses have been edited for length/clarity. 

Did your fave (or, let's be real, least fave) make the list? Let us know in the comments!