Creepy reason 2,000 iPads, TVs selling for $10: How to get one

Anastasia Santoreneos
·2-min read
(Left) Shocked woman. (Right) White goods in a row, including washing machine, stove top and vacuum.
Creepy reason 2,000 iPads, TVs selling for $10: How to get one. Source: Getty

Thousands of brand new white goods are being flogged today from just $10, but there’s a six-legged catch.

The items, which include iPads, TVs, fridges and freezers, can no longer be sold in stores, after the container that shipped them from Thailand was found to be infested with beetles, 7News reported.

The discovery was made by a Canberra woman, who purchased a fridge and found it was filled with the insects when she opened it at home.

But you won’t find any creepy-crawlies sneaking around your purchase, with the Department of Environment and Agriculture confirming all products have since been inspected and fumigated.

The items are no longer in their warranty, which is why they’re being auctioned off at bargain prices.

How can I get one?

Around 2,000 items worth a total of $2 million are being auctioned on Hilco Global, and there’s no reserve price, meaning everything starts from $10.

The sale begins online at 6:30pm AEDT, with Covid-safe pickup locations in Victoria and New South Wales.

There are $699 Philips steamers, $169 DeLonghi Kettles and $949 KitchenAids.

But the big-ticket items are the real winners: $5,000 smart TVs, $2,000 Samsung phones, $700 Apple iPads and $3,000 Bosch washing machines and dryers are also up for auction.

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