16-Year-Old Electrocuted by His Necklace in Freak Accident: 'It Was Like a Hot Coil'

“He visibly saw sparks coming from his neck,” said Danielle Davis of her son Rayce’s burn injury

<p>Kennedy News and Media</p> Rayce Ogdahl

Kennedy News and Media

Rayce Ogdahl

An Oklahoma teenager was electrocuted after his necklace came in contact with an exposed prong of a plug.

On the night of April 30, Danielle Davis was awoken by a scream coming from her 16-year-old son Rayce Ogdahl's bedroom. The 38-year-old mom of six ran to her son’s aid as he cried for help when she found him with scorched marks on his neck.

"We thought maybe he's playing a video game and getting frustrated,” Davis said, according to The Mirror. “Then I heard him shout 'Mom' and my son was standing in the hallway. He said 'I've been electrocuted. It was my necklace.'”

“There were scorch necks around his neck. And the smell was awful. The whole house smelled like burnt hair and skins and electrical burns,” she said. “We started calling 911 for an ambulance.”

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<p>Kennedy News and Media</p> Rayce Ogdahl's neck after his accident

Kennedy News and Media

Rayce Ogdahl's neck after his accident

Davis said her son was laying in bed when the freak accident happened.

"He said he leaned out of the bed and when he did, the cross necklace around his neck made contact with the prongs from the plug in an extension cord which were just barely exposed,” she recalled. "He said he was completely conscious through the whole thing and was aware he was being electrocuted. Because everything was metal, it made a complete circuit around his neck. It was like a hot coil. And he has burns on his hands from trying to rip his chain around his neck.”

"He said this all happened within a matter of seconds and he visibly saw sparks coming from his neck,” she added. “He told me his whole body hurt and he thought he was going to die.”

Ogdahl was rushed to the burn unit at Integris Health Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit. He suffered second-, third- and fourth-degree burns, which left him with significant scars.

Doctors told the family that their son endured "enough amps to kill him."

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<p>Kennedy News and Media</p> Rayce Ogdahl

Kennedy News and Media

Rayce Ogdahl

Davis said the teen may need skin grafts in the future.

"You can see the pattern of the necklace on his neck,” she explained. "It's almost his entire neck that's covered in scars. It's from his chin to his collarbone.

Davis and Ogdahl said the accident was “very eye-opening” for their family, warning others about having electrical cords close to the bed.

The incident has definitely made Rayce a lot more self-aware,” Davis said. "We're just so grateful he's okay. He could've easily died that night. It was amazing he was still conscious and could still alert us. It would've been a different story.”

"When it comes to your phone, there's not a text message or notification that is important enough to have your phone on your bed. Anything can happen and Rayce is proof of that,” she stressed. "Pay attention to your cords and I would recommend to anybody don't use extension cords at all."

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